Favorite Song From Each Album?


This is a tough question, but here is my choice:
HT: with you
M: figure 0.9
MTM: leave out all the rest
ATS: iridecent
LT: lost in the echo
R: a light that never comes
THP: a line in the sand

But there are a lot more songs I really enjoy and these ones are just what I can think of right now :wink:


It depends on my mood. Let s say for today my favourites are:
H.T. In the End
Reanimation Krwlng
M. Just the whole album :smile:
C.C. Points of Auth/ 99 Problems/ One Step Closer
M.T.M. No More Sorrow
A.T.S. Wretches and Kings
L.T. Lost in the Echo
Recharged A Light that Never Comes
T.H.P. Until It s Gone, Guilty All The Same


Hybrid Theory: Points of Authority
Meteora: Figure.09
Minutes to Midnight: No More Sorrow
A Thousand Suns: Wretches and Kings
Living Things: Roads Untraveled
The Hunting Party: Keys to the Kingdom


Hybrid Theory - A place for my head
Meteora - Faint
Minutes to Midnight - No more sorrow
A thousand Suns - Blackout
Living Things - Victimized
The Hunting Party - Rebellion


Hybrid Theory: Crawling
Reanimation: Krwlng
Meteora: Breaking The Habit
Minutes To Midnight: No More Sorrow
A Thousand Suns: Burning In The Skies
Living Things: In My Remains
The Hunting Party: A Line In The Sand


HT: A Place for my Head
Meteora: Numb
MTM: No More Sorrow
ATS: The Catalyst
Living Things: I’ll be Gone
Recharged: Castle of glass(M. Shinoda remix)
The Hunting Party : A line in the sand


Hybrid Theory: In The End
Meteora: Numb
Minutes to Midnight: Shadow of the day
A Thousand Suns: Iridescent or The catalyst
Living Things:In my remains or Powerless
The hunting party: Until it’s gone or Rebellion


HT: A place for my head
Meteora: Numb or From the inside
MTM: Leave out all the rest
ATS: Waiting for the end or Iridescent
LT: Roads untraveled
THP: A line in the sand


hybrid theory-high voltage
meteora-lying from you
live from in soho-in pieces
live in texas-from the inside
collision course-points of authority
minutes to midnight-the little things give you away
road to revolution-leave out all the rest
a thousand suns-the requiem
living things-burn it down
recharged-a light that never comes
the hunting party-rebellion


Hybrid Theory-Crawling
Minutes To Midnight-What I’ve Done
A Thousand Suns-Waiting For The End
Living Things-Castle Of Glass
The Hunting Party-still undecided between Until It’s Gone and The Final Masquerade


Xero: Reading My Eyes
Hybrid Theory EP: Carousel
Hybrid Theory: A Place For My Head (Papercut a very close 2nd)
Reanimation: P5hng Me A*wy
Meteora: From The Inside
Collision Course: Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You
Minutes To Midnight: Valentine’s Day (Across The Line, but it got cut)
A Thousand Suns: When They Come For Me
Living Things: Tinfoil/Powerless
The Hunting Party: A Line In The Sand


Hybrid Theory EP - And One

Hybrid Theory - A Place For My Head

Reanimation - 1STP KLOSR

Meteora - From The Inside

Minutes to Midnight - Tie between: Shadow Of The Day and No More Sorrow [Extended Intro]

A Thousand Suns - Waiting For The End

Living Things - Lost In The Echo

Recharged - I’ll Be Gone (Vice Remix)

The Hunting Party - Tie between Final Masquerade and Mark The Graves

Mall Soundtrack - It Goes Through

Favorite Single - New Divide

Favorite Cover - Wish


Subject to change tomorrow! haha

Hybrid Theory - "Papercut"
Meteora - "Lying from You"
Minutes to Midnight - "Leave Out All the Rest"
A Thousand Suns - "When They Come for Me"
The Hunting Party - “Mark the Graves”


Hybrid Theory - crawling
Meteora - Figure.09
Minutes To Midnight - given up
A Thousand Suns - Wretches And Kings
Living Things - I’ll Be Gone
The Hunting Party - Final Masquerade


Yet another evil thread, making this list was like pulling my fingernails out with a pair of pliers :frowning:

HT EP: High voltage (the proper original)
HT: Runaway
Reanimation: By_Myslf
M: Somewhere I belong
CC: Poits of authority/99 problems/ one step closer
MTM: No roads left
LPU 8: 26 lettaz in da alphabet
LPU 9: A-six
ATS: When they come for me…TRY THE KETCHUP MOTHERFUCKER!!!
LPU 10: Pale
SFTU/ADU : Dedicated
LPU 11: Slip
LT: Powerless
LPU 12: Homecoming
Recharged: ALTNC RRR
LPU 13: Pretty birdy
THP: All for nothing
LPU 14: Berlin one version c


Hybrid Theory: Crawling.

Meteora: Easier To Run.

Minutes To Midnight: No Roads Left.

A Thousand Suns: The Catalyst.

Living Things: Lost In The Echo.

The Hunting Party: Until it’s Gone.


Hybrid Theory - Forgotten

Reanimation P5hng Me A*wy

Meteora - Lying From You

Minutes To Midnight - In Pieces

A Thousand Suns - Blackout

Living Things - Lost in the Echo

Recharged - Castle of Glass (M. Shinoda Remix)

The Hunting Party - Guilty All The Same

This was rellay difficult to say! >< <3


HT : absolutely CRAWLING.
Reanimation: 1 stp KLsr
Meteora: Breaking the habit
MTM: Leave out all the rest
A thousands Suns: the catalyst
Living things: Lost in the echo
Recharged : castle of glass

  • Hybrid Theory : In The End (or A Place for My Head or Runaway or Forgotten or Papercut… I can’t choose)
  • Meteora : Somewhere I Belong
  • Minutes to Midnight : Given Up
  • A Thousand Suns : The Catalyst
  • Living Things : Burn It Down
  • The Hunting Party : Guilty All The Same


HT-points of authority
MTM-leave out all the rest
ATS-waiting for the end
LT-lost in the echo

but my best song is New Divide