Favorite Song From Each Album?


wait, is there nobody who likes WASTELANDS the best in THP?


HT: In the end
M: Breaking the habit
MTM: Bleed it out
ATS: The catalyst
LT: Lost in the echo
THP: Rebellion & Guilty all the same

Changes every day :smile:


It was very difficult to choose only one song from each album, cause I think I’ve two (or three) favourite songs for each one. However, this is my list!

HT: Points Of Authority
R: P5hng Me A*wy
M: Lying From You
MTM: No More Sorrow
ATS: When They Come For Me
LT: Lost In The Echo
THP: A Line In The Sand


Hybrid Theory : Papercut
Meteora : Somewhere I Belong
Minutes to Midnight : Given Up
A Thousand Suns : Blackout
Living Things : In My Remains
The Hunting Party : A Line in the Sand


Hybrid Theory: Pushing Me Away
Meteora: Easier to Run
Minutes to Midnight: In Pieces
A Thousand Suns: The Catalyst
Living Things: Castle of Glass
The Hunting Party: A Line in the Sand

  • "Hybrid Theory": “Cure For The Itch”
  • "Meteora": “Session”
  • "Minutes To Midnight": “The Little Things Give You Away”
  • "A Thousand Suns": “Waiting For The End”
  • "Living Things": “Until It Breaks”
  • "The Hunting Party": “Until It’s Gone”


HT: Papercut
Meteora: FTI (SIB is a close second)
MTM: Hands Held High
A Thousand Suns: The Catalyst
THP: Rebellion (ALITS close second)


HT - Papercut
ME - Lying From You
MTM - The Little Things Give You Away
ATS - Waiting For The End
LT - In My Remains
THP - Guilty All The Same


Wastelands is one my favorites too, I love its aggressiveness. But I don’t think it’s the best song on the album.


HT: One Step Closer
R: 1stp (I really like this song :wink:
M: Figure.09
M2M: Wake/Given Up
ATS: When they come form me
THP: Guilty all the Same
***LPU: Qwerty (Original & Live version)


Hybrid Theory EP - And One
Hybrid Theory - Papercut
Reanimation - KRWLNG
Meteora - From The Inside
Live In Texas - P5HNG ME A*WY
Minutes To Midnight - The Little Things Give You Away
A Thousand Suns - The Catalyst / Waiting For The End
Living Things - Lost In The Echo
The Hunting Party - Rebellion / A Line In The Sand


Hybrid Theory: Pushing Me Away
Meteora: Easier to Run
Minutes to Midnight: The Little Things Give You Away
A Thousand Suns: The Catalyst
Living Things: Castle of Glass
The Hunting Party: A Line in the Sand
Non-Album: New Divide


Hybrid Theory - In The End

Meteora - Numb

Minutes To Midnight - Leave Out All The Rest

A Thousand Suns - Burning In The Skies

Living Things - Powerless

The Hunting Party - Final Maquerade


Hybrid Theorie - Papercut
Meteora - Lying from you
Minutes to Midnight - Given up
A thousand suns - Waiting for the end
Living Things - Lost in the echo
The Hunting Party - All for nothing


Note: This is a lengthy list, I decided to include not only the Main albums but The LPU and Live albums as well. Anything that is considered released by LP/FM/DBS (aside from singles and promos) I included.

Normal Albums
Hybrid Theory EP: And One
Hybrid Theory: With You
Reanimation: P5hing Me A*wy
Meteora: Easier To Run
Collision Course: Numb/Encore
Minutes To Midnight: What I’ve Done
A Thousand Suns: The Messenger
Living Things: Lost In The Echo
Recharged: A Light That Never Comes
The Hunting Party: Final Masquerade

LPU Albums
LPU2: With You [Live]
LPU3: Figure .09 [Live]
LPU4: Wish [Live]
LPU5: Somewhere I Belong [Live]
LPU7: No More Sorrow [Live]
LPU8 (Mmmmm Cookies!): PB N’ Jellyfish
LPU9: A-Six (Original Long Version 2002)
LPUX: Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002)
LPU11: Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
LPU12: So Far Away (Unreleased 1998)
LPUXIII: Cumulus (2002 Demo)
LPUXIV: Rhinoceros (2002 Demo)
LPU15: TBD (Right now it’s Chance Of Rain (2006 Demo) )

Live Albums
Live In Texas: One Step Closer [Live]
Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes: Given Up [Live]
A Thousand Suns+: The Messenger [Live]
Living Things+: Bleed It Out/Sabotage [Live]
The Hunting Party: MTV World Stage Live In Monterrey 2012 (Best Buy Exclusive): Lost In The Echo [Live]

Side Projects
The Rising Tied: Kenji
Out Of Ashes: My Suffering

Now why did I do all this?Because I love LP and I wanted to share what I thought was the best track on each and every album that has graced my ears.


Hybrid Theory: By myself / With you
Reanimation: Krwlng
Meteora: Lying from you / Somewhere I belong / Nobodys Listening
Minutes to Midnight: No more Sorrow / Leave out all the rest / Given up
A Thousand Suns: Waiting for the end / Iridescent
Living Things: Skin to bone
The Hunting Party: Wasteland / Rebellion / Final Masquerade


yes 1stp Klosr is my fav song from Reanimation too


1stp klosr yes


Hybrid Theory: Crawling.
Meteora: Numb.
Minutes To Midnight: Leave Out All The Rest.
A Thousand Suns: Iridescent.
Living Things: Burn It Down.
The Hunting Party: Final Masquerade.

The rest soon.


HT: Papercut
M: Lying From You
MTM: Leave Out All the Rest
ATS: Waiting For the End
LT: In My Remains
THP: Rebellion
OML: Nobody Can Save Me