Favorite Song From Each Album?


I think this needs an update.

  • HT EP: High Voltage
  • HT: By myself
  • R: By_myslf
  • LPU 2: Pts.of.athrty
  • M: Somewhere I belong
  • LPU 3: With you
  • LPU 4: Standing in the middle
  • CC: Poits of authority/99 problems/ one step closer
  • LPU 5: Somewhere I belong
  • LPU 6: Pushing me away
  • MTM: No roads left
  • LPU 7: One step closer
  • SFTU / ADU: Dedicated
  • LPU 8: 26 lettaz in da alphabet
  • LPU 9: A - Six
  • ATS: Wretches and kings
  • LPU 10: Pale
  • LPU 11: Slip
  • LT: Powerless
  • LPU 12: Homecoming
  • Recharged: A light that never comes
  • LPU 13: Pretty birdy
  • THP: All for nothing
  • LPU 14: Heartburn
  • LPU 15: TooLeGit
  • LPU 16: Symphonies of light reprise
  • OML: Sorry for now


HT: Pushing Me Away
M: Lying From You
MTM: Leave Out All the Rest (though, lately, I’m obsessed with In Between)
ATS: Waiting For the End (my favorite LP song in general… I think)
LT: Lost in the Echo
THP: Guilty All the Same (or Drawbar)
OML: Battle Symphony


Hybrid Theory: Crawling
Meteora: Numb
Minutes to Midnight: Leave Out All the Rest
A Thousand Suns: The Messenger
Living Things: Burn It Down
The Hunting Party: Final Masquerade
One More Light: Halfway Right or Sharp Edges


Hybrid Theory EP: Esaul
Hybrid Theory: Crawling
Reanimation: 1stp Klosr
Meteora: Breaking the habit (My favorite Linkin Park Song)
LPU4: Wish
Live in Texas: Don’t stay, Somewhere I Belong
Collision Course: Numb/Encore
Minutes to Midnight: Given up
Road to Revolution: Pushing me away, Breaking the Habit
Songs from the Underground: Qwerty
A thousand Suns: The Messenger
LP10: Pretend to be
Living Things:: Burn it down
Recharged: A light that never comes (Linkin Park feat. Steve Aoki)
The Hunting Party:: Final Masquerade
One more Light:: One more Light
One more Light live: Crawling

Honorable Mentions
Hybrid Theory EP: And one
Hybrid Theory: In the End, One Step Closer, Papercut, Pushing me away
Reanimation: P5hng me A*wy, Plc.4 Mie Haed
Live in Texas: Lying from you, Faint, Figure. 09
Meteora: Numb, Faint, Somewhere I Belong, Don’t Stay, Figure.09
Collision Course: Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer
Minutes to Midnight: No more Sorrow, Bleed it out, What I’ve done, Leave out all the rest, Shadow of the day
Road to Revolution: Given up, One step closer, Bleed it out
Songs from the Underground: Hunger strike
A thousand Suns: Waiting for the end
Living Things:: Castle of Class, Lost in the Echo, Lies Greed Misery
Recharged: -
The Hunting Party:: Rebellion, War, Keys to the Kingdom, Guilty all the Same
One more Light:: Battle Symphony, Talking to myself, Heavy, Shapr Edges
One more Light live: One more light, In the end, Battle Symphony, What I’ve Done, Numb


LMAO :joy:


Yeah, sorry but I don’t really like Recharged. Collision Course is like the same, but 2 songs are “OK”. :smiley:


Sometimes I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Recharged.


Like I do. But the Rock Version of A light that never comes is really good :slight_smile:


Rock version? I’m assuming it’s fan made. Can you drop me a link please?


zwier.Z makes some good stuff , check it out and enjoy :slight_smile:


Wasn’t he one of the people on Viscera?


He was, he did the AFN remix. Also I’ve been going through his remixes, they’re pretty good.


Don’t know :D, but he’s got talent for Versions like that :slight_smile: