Favorite Song From Each Album?


I think this needs an update.

  • HT EP: High Voltage
  • HT: By myself
  • R: By_myslf
  • LPU 2: Pts.of.athrty
  • M: Somewhere I belong
  • LPU 3: With you
  • LPU 4: Standing in the middle
  • CC: Poits of authority/99 problems/ one step closer
  • LPU 5: Somewhere I belong
  • LPU 6: Pushing me away
  • MTM: No roads left
  • LPU 7: One step closer
  • SFTU / ADU: Dedicated
  • LPU 8: 26 lettaz in da alphabet
  • LPU 9: A - Six
  • ATS: Wretches and kings
  • LPU 10: Pale
  • LPU 11: Slip
  • LT: Powerless
  • LPU 12: Homecoming
  • Recharged: A light that never comes
  • LPU 13: Pretty birdy
  • THP: All for nothing
  • LPU 14: Heartburn
  • LPU 15: TooLeGit
  • LPU 16: Symphonies of light reprise
  • OML: Sorry for now


HT: Pushing Me Away
M: Lying From You
MTM: Leave Out All the Rest (though, lately, I’m obsessed with In Between)
ATS: Waiting For the End (my favorite LP song in general… I think)
LT: Lost in the Echo
THP: Guilty All the Same (or Drawbar)
OML: Battle Symphony


Hybrid Theory: Crawling
Meteora: Numb
Minutes to Midnight: Leave Out All the Rest
A Thousand Suns: The Messenger
Living Things: Burn It Down
The Hunting Party: Final Masquerade
One More Light: Halfway Right or Sharp Edges


Hybrid Theory EP: Esaul
Hybrid Theory: Crawling
Reanimation: 1stp Klosr
Meteora: Breaking the habit (My favorite Linkin Park Song)
LPU4: Wish
Live in Texas: Don’t stay, Somewhere I Belong
Collision Course: Numb/Encore
Minutes to Midnight: Given up
Road to Revolution: Pushing me away, Breaking the Habit
Songs from the Underground: Qwerty
A thousand Suns: The Messenger
LP10: Pretend to be
Living Things:: Burn it down
Recharged: A light that never comes (Linkin Park feat. Steve Aoki)
The Hunting Party:: Final Masquerade
One more Light:: One more Light
One more Light live: Crawling

Honorable Mentions
Hybrid Theory EP: And one
Hybrid Theory: In the End, One Step Closer, Papercut, Pushing me away
Reanimation: P5hng me A*wy, Plc.4 Mie Haed
Live in Texas: Lying from you, Faint, Figure. 09
Meteora: Numb, Faint, Somewhere I Belong, Don’t Stay, Figure.09
Collision Course: Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer
Minutes to Midnight: No more Sorrow, Bleed it out, What I’ve done, Leave out all the rest, Shadow of the day
Road to Revolution: Given up, One step closer, Bleed it out
Songs from the Underground: Hunger strike
A thousand Suns: Waiting for the end
Living Things:: Castle of Class, Lost in the Echo, Lies Greed Misery
Recharged: -
The Hunting Party:: Rebellion, War, Keys to the Kingdom, Guilty all the Same
One more Light:: Battle Symphony, Talking to myself, Heavy, Shapr Edges
One more Light live: One more light, In the end, Battle Symphony, What I’ve Done, Numb


LMAO :joy:


Yeah, sorry but I don’t really like Recharged. Collision Course is like the same, but 2 songs are “OK”. :smiley:


Sometimes I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Recharged.


Like I do. But the Rock Version of A light that never comes is really good :slight_smile:


Rock version? I’m assuming it’s fan made. Can you drop me a link please?


zwier.Z makes some good stuff , check it out and enjoy :slight_smile:


Wasn’t he one of the people on Viscera?


He was, he did the AFN remix. Also I’ve been going through his remixes, they’re pretty good.


Don’t know :D, but he’s got talent for Versions like that :slight_smile:


Hybrid Theory: By Myself
Meteora: Faint
Minutes To Midnight: The Little Things Give You Away (but literally everything in that album)
A Thousand Suns: The Catalyst (and When They Come For Me)
Living Things: I’ll Be Gone
The Hunting Party: Final Masquerade (and Until It’s Gone)
One More Light: Sharp Edges


Hybrid Theory Crawling
Meteora Breaking The Habit
Minutes to Midnight No Roads Left
A Thousand Suns Waiting For The End
Living Things Lost in the Echo or Skin to Bone
The Hunting Party Until It’s Gone
One More Light Sorry For Now I’m listening to this song on repeat now!

Honourable Mentions:
Hybrid Theory EP: Carousel
LPUX: Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002)
LPU 15: Animals

Hmm, maybe we should start a Favourite Live song, if it doesn’t already exist?


@fariwu @Marilau you guys new on LPU?


Hybrid Theory In the End
Meteora Breaking the Habit
Minutes to Midnight The Little Things Give You Away
A Thousand Suns Waiting for The End
Living Things Castle of Glass
The Hunting Party (Haven’t listened to it yet)
One More Light One more Light (have this on repeat right now.

Honourable Mentions
One More Light: Sorry For Now/ Sharp Edges/Heavy
Minutes to Midnight: In Peaces


Hybrid Theory - In the End
Meteora - Breaking the Habit
Minutes to Midnight - What I’ve Done
A Thousand Suns - Waiting for the End / Burning in the Skies
Living Things - Lost in the Echo / Roads Untraveled
The Hunting Party - Final Masquerade
One More Light - One More Light / Invisible

Dang, this was a little harder than I thought. Some albums I couldn’t pick a favorite and had a tie.


Yeah, I was a fan of LP and FM since Minutes to Midnight, but just joined LPU recently!


Great! Welcome :slight_smile: