Favorite Song From Each Album?


Same as @fariwu, I have been a Soldier for a long time but just joined the LPU community and honestly I find it very nice!


Hybrid Theory - In The End

Meteora - Breaking The Habit

Minutes To Midnight - Bleed It Out

A Thousand Suns - Waiting For The End

Living Things - Castle Of Glass

The Hunting Party - Final Masquerade

One More Light - Talking To Myself


Hybrid Theory: One Step Closer

Reanimation: Enth E Nd

Metrora: Numb

Minutes To Midnight: Bleed It Out

A Thousand Suns: Iridescent/Waiting For The End

Living Things: Burn It Down/ Castle Of Glass

The Hunting Party: Guilty All The Same

One More Light: One More Light/ Talking To Myself

Honorable Mentions

QWERTY (Behind Your Lies) - Unreleased Demo

Reanimation: Krwling

I may have to stop because I could keep going… definitely hard to choose just one Linkin Park song :rofl:


Medal of honor for the patience to write them all down! Now you have to tell us your favourite from Songs From The Underground, LPU16, One More Light, One More Light Live and Post Traumatic! :blush: