Favorite song from Linkin Park?


wich is your absolutly fav song from LP ?

What's your favorite linkin park's song
Favourite LP Song?
Any fav LP songs?
Favorite Song from the LPU CDs?

It’s very difficult to answer but I think In the end will be my special song forever…


many :smile: in the end, numb, catalyst, easier to run, a line in the sand, lying from you, across the line, pushing me away… too many :wink: but my absolute number 1 of lp songs is still breaking the habit :blush:


puuuh. not easy question…

have fav. songs from all albums…
one of it is New Divide,… and… o men, i listen so much songs ^^

make it short, i love all songs ;D


That’s a tough one. I really can’t choose. There’s too many!!

In The End
High Voltage
Black Out
Castle of Glass
And One
No Roads Left

I guess I’ll stop here, the list is endless. I love it all :smiley:


hmm, that is a tough one… i wonder what is my favorite linkin park song…


@intheend Bubbles, right?


oh so close, but no! @TripleXero


In the end was the first song I heard from them and is one of their best ones.


Breaking the Habit … Means a log to me… But i still Love crawling and i could go in to this List… So. :slight_smile:


mine is “One Step Closer”.


@intheend is it “No Laundry”? come to think of it, MMM…COOKIES Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America! is weirdly funny


But actually I like almost all songs from LP


My fav. song changes every week, sometimes every day :smiley: But at the moment it’s BY MYSELF - love the lyrics!
But I have to say that I also love GUILTY ALL THE SAME, THE CATALYST, KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, NUMB; FAINT, IN THE END and all the other LP songs :blush:


Without thinking a lot about it I’d say “Rebellion”.


For me it’s “No roads left” this song isn’t so famous as other, but for me is perfect :slight_smile:


nope, its not that…




very difficult question, because i love all of their song, and i really cant say wich one i like best. but if i really have to answer it, ill say papercut, since thats the first song of them i was really obsessed about


I love every song but right now it’s “The Messenger” off of A Thousand Suns!