Favorite song from Linkin Park?


Waiting for the End!


That’s a tough question… I have to say that my all time favorite song is Papercut :smile:


Waiting for the End, of course ! :wink:


No Roads Left is by far my favorite. Still can’t believe it didn’t make it on Minutes to Midnight.

I also really like The Catalyst and Lost in the Echo.


What a tough question! My Favorite song always change depends on my mood.
for now i’ll go with Waiting for the end ^___^


I think it’s got to be Waiting For The End. They have a ton of great stuff but this one stands out just a little more for me. It helps my calm.


I tried figuring this out a long time ago :slight_smile: But now i just realized that it’s not possible to choose. I like most of the songs (honestly)


It is hard to choose… One step closer, papercut, guilty all the same, I love when they come for me also…bleed it out, burn it down, easier to run, burning in the skies, by myself, wretches and kings, blackout, a place for my head… I can’t choose I will say pretty much all of their song x)


OMG, what a question! I always loved From The Inside, but recently I really like Papercut too (I still can remember freaking out at the video clip when I was 14 :D). They have really good songs and it depends on my mood, but I can listen to these two songs forever.


A place for my head! :relaxed:


OMG It’s soooo difficult answering… Maybe Given Up, only because It’s my actually ringtone and alarm clock xD But I love them all anyway.


What a peculiar way to start the day. You’ve given up before you’ve even gotten out of bed :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed, waking up with my Chester is the better way to start the day :grin:


I want Michael Barnes (of Red) screaming ‘Wake up!’ from Feed the machine :stuck_out_tongue:


you guys are confusing me, I just watched the sunset in Europe :smiley:

and Dead by Sunrise perfectly suited it :wink:


The sun has been directly roasting me for a good 2 hours and I’ve got about 2 hours more of hell to endure :disappointed: The perfect song for my situation is Burn by Blacklistt


I can’t stop listening the Points Of Authority


Yeah Points of Authority is a classic! Great old skool track! Im really like “All For Nothing” at the moment


Can’t pick one but…

Burn it Down
Bleed It Out
Lies Greed Misery
One Step Closer
With You
Points of Authority
A Light That Never Comes (with Steve Aoki)

But others can make them as my favorites xD


Burn it Down.