Favorite song from Linkin Park?


@intheend Be honest: It’s Empty Spaces! :space_invader:


sorry, but we aren’t talking about his head :wink: (wonders why I am even getting involved in this fight)


breaking the habit and faint… BUT acutall those are my all time faves the rest changes depending on the mood i am in


Papercut will always be my favorite, but the rest depend on my mood. Waiting for the End if I am introspective, When They Come For Me I am feisty, Faint if I am angry…the list goes on!


a friend of mine has had Faint as his ringtone for over 8 years now. Never Changed it.


My December!!!


ok, that was good but no…


hey! bad angel… it says what is your favorite song… you can only name one >:(


@intheend Then why are your favorites the whole LPU8 album?


are you talking to me?


Now I am you :poop:


watch it jordan, i do know where you live… i can easily ship myself in a box, to your house, have your parents put me in your room and then when you least expect it, pop out and attack you.


I think I’d notice a human sized box in my room


nope, i can fit in a medium size box.


I still think I’d notice a box
We’re getting off topic


it will be invisible


It’s hard to pick just one but Numb has always been my favorite song!! :heart_eyes:


I really can’t just pick one!

I love Crawling, In the End, From the Inside, Given Up, Breaking the Habit, Lying from you,…


In the end
Burn it down
final masquerade


Depends on the mood I’m in.

Bleed It Out
A Light That Never Comes
Given Up
Guilty All The Same