Favorite song from Linkin Park?


If only you @Tikki_83 would have added “one step closer” to the list, you would have been my soulmate :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course! How could I forget “One Step Closer”?! Thanks @amitrish


you said you love me…


he was “lying from you” :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a hard question, there are so many songs I totally love. But the No. 1 song is definitely No Roads Left :heart: This song is so awesome, I love Mike’s voice on that one.


Lost in the Echo. Iridescent would follow because it hits so close to home


I just end up getting hurt again By Myself. Absolutely love that song, great lyrics! meant a lot to me


It’s complicated to choose one song, but In the end was the firs song I heard so it will always be my favourite one.


My favorites would definitely be Somewhere I belong, Points Of Authority, and By Myself! But honestly, they are all so freaking amazing so its hard to choose.


My Favourite Songs are Waiting for the end and In my Remains :slight_smile:


Either Final Masquerade, Blackout or No Roads Left. I think a live version of NRL would be fantastic!


Are many favourite songs , but Paper cut and Crawling are special in my life !


Points of Authority - perfect riff - I was instantly hooked


Without a doubt it would have to be the first song I ever heard from them that made me fall in love with them, “In The End”. Something inside of me just goes crazy whenever I hear it start, it’s like I’m discovering Linkin Park all over again. :purple_heart:


The same to me :wink: after that one song it is Papercut




WHAT I’VE DONE <3 :heart_eyes:


There are so many great Songs:

Burn it down
One step closer


Thats hard to take a Right answear… Well i would say in the end because this song made me as a fan


So many people are saying in the end! And that was my favorite for a long long while… But I’d have to say the catalyst, lost on the echo, paper cut, numb, shadow of the day, until it’s gone, ah just so many! There’s not a single Linkin Park song I dislike.