Favorite song from Linkin Park?


Difficult question… But I would still say that “With You” is my favorite :smile:


Mine I think it’s bleed it out, the first LP song i heard, that makes it especial!!


My favorite linkin park right now are final masquerade and until it’s gone


Tough question - probably New Divide


Hm… I thought about it a long time and finally have to say that I can’t name one fav song… I simply love it all :wink:


Today it is “final masquerade” but tommorw it will be another :smiley:
I love every Song and it is impossible to have a favourite for me :stuck_out_tongue:

LP forever!!


It´s impossible to choose only one for me. My most frequently played songs are

Braking the habit
A place for my head
Given up
In the end
From the inside
Waiting for the end… and so on


its not easy this question at the time my favourite songs are

One step Closer
Burn it down
Final Masquerade


All favourites :heart_eyes: also depends on the mood which song is fav, :smile:


This is really a tough one, but I gotta say above all others, leave out all the rest has a really special place in my heart for a number of reasons


uhm, choosing only one song is impossible, I think most of you would agree :smiley:

let’s see … well, there’s

easier to run
in my remains
burning in the skies
my december
not alone
across the line
a line in the sand
breaking the habit
somewhere i belong
waiting for the end
from the inside (!)
in the end
burn it down
the catalyst
what i’ve done
castle of glass
lost in the echo
final masquerade
high voltage
leave out all the rest
nobody’s listening
pushing me away
in pieces
don’t stay
robot boy
empty spaces
until it’s gone (!)
guitly all the same
points of authority
hit the floor
lying from you
a place for my head (!)
one step closer
skin to bone (!)
new divide
wretches and kings

ups, that’s a lot :hushed:

i love pretty much every single one exept bleed it out, roads untraveld, hands held high, blackout and lgm.


Papercut is still my favourite track :grinning:


This is blasphemy!! Oh LPU, please forgive her for she has committed a sin by not liking those 5 beautiful songs. Penance will follow :stuck_out_tongue:


:sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: her wish. she’s not you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Crawling, from the inside, carousel, a place for my head, part of me, pretend to be, no more sorrow, war and at the time I can’t stop listen to no roads left :grinning:


I love ALL of them, not a single LP song I dislike…but my favorite??? VERY hard choice. They’re just all so bloody perfect!!!

Mark the Graves has been my favorite recently. It has everything I love about LP; pretty, high guitar parts, heavy, loud guitar parts, epic guitar solos, (all of which are fun to play; this song puts a smile on my face everytime I play it during my guitar sessions! :smiley:) BEAUTIFUL LYRICS, (first time I listened to the first verse, I started crying from how beautiful Chester sounded, and then when Mike comes in with the harmony…so beautiful :heart_eyes:) extremely deep meaning(s) that are open for the listener’s interpretation, and the explosive, intense screaming that LP is known for. It is a FLAWLESS song (but then again, so is every LP song :P)

Honestly though, they’re all perfect. Picking a favorites seems pretty impossible if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Crawling is the one that got me hooked on LP. It really meant a lot to me back then and still does to this day. Then it would have to be Somewhere I Belong.


My favourite current songs are In My Remains and Final Masquarade. But the first ever Linkin Park song I’ve listened to and is my number one favourite is Breaking the Habit.


Extremely difficult to say. But if I HAD TO pick one it is probably WITH YOU!! :smile:


Blackout :slight_smile: