Favorite song from Linkin Park?


Burning in the skies, right now at the moment :sob:


Shadow Of The Day :smiley:
In The End
Valentine’s Day
Burn It Down


Wretches and Kings!!


One step closer :wink:


My favourite is “Crawling”. Whenever I hear it, I stop doing other things :smile:


Hmm breaking the habit, black birds, lost in the echo in the end … :slight_smile:


In the end is my all time favorite but I honestly love them all. Robot boy is a close second


Trying to choose one song is almost impossible, but if I had to choose one it would be “Final Masquerade”.


It changes day to day, month to month, year to year. Today it’s Somewhere I Belong (extended intro). It’s certainly painful to have KTTK screamo immediately after Iridescent (turned volume up cuz so soft) in shuffle. So I’m gonna split up the LP album playlist to HT +Meteora, ATS+LT & perhaps MTM+THP.


Oh, it’s very difficult question because there are a lot of songs which I like. Every song is wonderfull and tells us its story, emotions etc. I also remember Gray Daze songs and they are perfect too!


so right now today it´s blackout (athousandsuns)


Well I would say Final Masquerade, Castle of Glass, Shadow of the Day, From the Inside, Powerless (my #1 fav. :3) , One Step Closer, I’ll be Gone, A Line in The Sand, and shizz…Hahahahaha XD so many i luv


Hard one…

  • in the end
  • somewhere i belong
    -from the inside
    -the catalyst
    Just to many XD


Waiting for the End :slight_smile:


Final Masquerade!


I think Until It’s gone :heart_eyes: But it’s very difficult to choose… I love all their songs :heart:


Its difficult to choose but
Keys to the kingdom
In my remains
I’ll be gone
A Place for my head
are my favourites


Ok, it’s my own question, but i just have to answer it right now ! :smiley:

My favorite Song from Linkin Park is “The Messenger” . This song mean so much to me, nobody could imagine. So, thats it! :slight_smile:

Oh before i guess : Happy Birthday Chazzy! :heart:


I forgot easier to run


in the end, cause it doesn´t even matters :alien: