Favorite song from Linkin Park?


My favorite songs are Somewhere i Belong and Faint


I love all of their songs! But it probably depends a lot on my mood and how I’m feeling when I listen to them.One of my favorite things about them is their music can relate to almost any mood and help me get through everything. :blush:


Crawling. With this song started my love to LP


My favorite song would have to be either Points Of Authority or Breaking The Habit. I do have many other favorites as well. I will go so far to say that I like all of LP’s songs. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would like to add a line the sand to my favourites.


Shadow Of The Day. Just.So.Freaking.Beautiful!


Same with me! Favorite song changes with every day (today it’s “Burn it down” :slight_smile: ), but “In the end” will always have a special place in my heart as the first LP song I’ve heard!


Somewhere I belong
One step closer
All actually :smiley::ok_hand:


Lost in the Echo
A Place For My Head
A Line In The Sand
No More Sorrow
With You
Waiting For The End
When They Come For Me
Burn It Down
I’ll Be Gone
New Divide
Somewhere I Belong.


atm it´s blackout, the perfect describtion of rigid heads


I think… one step closer and rebellion are really beautiful, but i love all their songs :heart_eyes:


Until its gone,Waiting for the End,Final Masquerade,New Divide,Castle Of Glass,Leave Out All The Rest,Lost In The Echo,From The Inside,Given Up,Don’t Stay,Bleed It Out**

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I changed again, at the moment I love Blackout (ATS) …You´ll never get it inside you push it back to, Blackout… :angry:


Final masquerade is the most beautiful song


I dont have a clear favorite, but 2 songs I like are Final Masquerade and Burning In The Skies. One song Ive listened to, She Couldn`t, is also a good song. For me, it depends on how much screamo from Chester in a song that I end up listening to.


Lying From You!


BLACKOUT cspecially thesecond part sung by mike

Favorite Linkin Park Song?

Leave out all the rest, Breaking the habit, Pushing me away, In pieces, No more sorrow and so on!!
I love every song!


Final Masquerade or Valentine’s Day


Still Blackout from ATS!