Favorite song from Linkin Park?


Absolutely love ‘Papercut’. Love the video, the rap part, Chester’s voice … everything!


I love them all but lately I listen very often to ‘Rebellion’ , ‘Faint’ and ‘The Catalyst’ !


with you
somewhere i belong
the little things give you away


A lot but… ‘Numb’ is my favorite.


Best LP song, right guys?
This is awful…


I like most of their songs but From the Inside and Breaking the Habit are my favorites. I hear them on endless loops over and over again.


I’ve many favourites but breaking the habit is there


mmm it’s not a simply choice xD i think it is “Shadow of the day”


Final Masquerade
In The End
With You
In Between
Valentine’s Day
What I’ve Done
New Divide
Castle Of Glass
Lost In The Echo
And many more…:joy::laughing::sweat_smile:


Leave Out All the Rest
It’s my absolute favorite song, period.
It’s also pretty much what got me interested in LP.
I also LOVE Breaking the Habit.
And The Messenger.
And Debris and Dedicated and Across the Line and No Roads Left…
And The Catalyst.
And Jornanda Del Muerto.
And…I’m going to shut up now. :laughing: :headphones:


Better start with, what isn’t your favorite song right? Our answer is…there isn’t any song, we don’t like


It is so difficult! In the moment my absolutly favorite songs are Papercut, Rebillion, Waiting for the end,… There are so much more songs I love. It is changing from time to time or day to day, how I feel.


It’s very difficult :scream:
But if you choose the most favourite song I think it’s “Final Masquerade” or "Castle of a glass"
I can not decide :sweat_smile:


:scream: Whats’ wrong with those songs?


NONE!..It’s impossible to chose. However, the only song i don’t like is Until it breaks. i don’t know why, but for some reason it just doesn’t click with me, I can’t quite put my finger on what makes me dislike the song. :confused:


Absolutely Crawling, I love it and Chester’s voice is perfect and the text is very intimate


My December. I just remember my childhood - I was often sick and had to travel to different cities in the hospital. This most often happens in the winter. I remember how tired and sleepy, looked at the landscapes in the window of the bus - snow white walls, and black endless strips trees. Already goosebumps when I think of those times. But landscape was very beautiful! And this was a joy - finally, i go home.


one step closer


One Step Closer will always be my favourite.


The Catalyst, closely followed by Easier to Run and In Pieces.