Favorite song from Linkin Park?


One Step Closer
Don’t Stay
4got10 feat Chali
waiting for the end


Not easy to tell which song is my favourite, but I’d probably say In The End.


According to my useful game Battle of the Songs
The overall winner was One Step Closer
I guess OSC will alwayd be a fan fav

Talking of which

People I am currently working on
Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League

Details of this will appear in a new topic on what it is and how it will work


One does not simply have a favourite linkin park song, their are many. U_U


i have the song but its only an instrumental


You don’t have the song


i have the song
2:28 long
drumm guitare and bass instrumental


Haha when i’m angry I listen to “No more sorrow”


From The Inside is my favourite as well!


For me are The catalist
until it’s gone
valentine’s day
In The end
But all your songs are beautiful And emotionally


In Pieces:slightly_smiling:


Mine is Breaking the habit. I mean, this is the most powerfull because of its meaning. But I have a lot more :slight_smile:


I think it’s can be In Pieces, Breaking the Habit or Numb


It’s bad question. :smiley: I love all their songs! My fav is maybe Numb… or Breaking The Habit… oh no, how I could forget about The Messenger! Yes, those three are my absolutely favourite songs.


One Step Closer. But there are so many more as well. OSC is my ring tone, funny to watch peoples reaction when my phone rings.




my fav leave out all the rest. and papercut depending on my mood . but seeing live points of authority


Numb, crawling or iredesecent


Wretches and Kings.


All-time favorite is Papercut.