Favorite Song from the LPU CDs?


Hi. I was just curious which is the most liked song from the 15 LPU CDs that we have had till date.
My favorites at the moment are:

  1. Instrumentals: Basquait from LPU XIII
  2. Vocals: What We Don’t Know from LPU X Demos

There is a thread about Favourite Song from the Studio Albums going on here

Your favorite demo

I absolutely LOVE What We Don’t Know! Part of me wants the band to resurrect that song and put that on a new album. Definitely a favorite. The Walking Dead instrumentals are hot too.

Once Upon A Time [3]: Reloaded

Drawing and Debris are mine.
@JESTAR Walking Dead instrumentals?


At the moment I love the complete recharged cd and feel every melodie & lyric with any fiber of my body :innocent:


Oh sorry, didn´t read really good, from the lpu cd´s its clear the third song of Lpu 2014, dont even know where the cd is but its a cover version of a song that also is in a cover version on the recharge album, so my old head didn´t work saturday evenings, I´ll look tomorrow what the NAME of the song is, but sure the message is: You ( for the listeners) are right, don´t worry, look forward to every new day, this ist a very powerfull spirit in this song


@evooba i think she is talking about this It seems more like Chester-only though.
@P_Carciani 3rd song is an instrumental Berlin One, Version C (2009 Demo)


thanx ami :sweat_smile:


@amitrish @JESTAR Well, a) Is that even an official song? b) What does it have to do with the LPU cds?


I have absolutely no idea. I “think” this is what she is referring to.


Yeah yeah, no worries :wink:


across the line :grin:


omg I love Across The Line too :)) and I’m quite fond of Fear, it gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it <3


Still wondering why Debris wasn’t on Minutes…


Doing some outside the box thinking. If you take away the lyrics the instruments themselves sound awesome!


Do we have to be so literal here? And yes I realize that that is a cop-out answer to cover up the fact that I may have made a boo-boo, but do we really have to try to call each other out on such things? Linkin Park is amazing and that should be the point-blank-point period. Yeah.


A lot… What We Don’t Know, Wish (Live), Across The Line, Homecoming, Slip, Basquiat, Rhinocerous, High Voltage (Live), etc.


What We Don’t Know, Pretend to Be, all of LPU XIV for instrumentals, Primo, Qwerty, Slip, So Far Away (Oh my goodness Primo!!!) pretty much all of them.
Wish What We Don’t Know, Blackbirds, and Pretend to Be were released with the original Minutes to Midnight because I think they’re 3 of the original 17 planned tracks (No Roads Left and Across the Line are the other 2).


How could I forget Fear xD


Both amazing songs


@JESTAR Time for Peace & Truce! None’s blaming the other. We have many topics ongoing at the same time in the forums, so we try to keep everything separate. In case you are mentioning something which is off-topic, you can highlight the same.

@JathanNguyen Because MTM went ahead with another all-rap song Hands Held High, as (I think) the lyrics were more in sync with the idea of the album.

@KarL_LewiS Often I like Primo more than the original version :smile: