Favorite song to see Chester perform LIVE!


If you have to pick one, which LP song will you miss seeing Chester sing the most??? I know, its so hard to narrow it down, but for me - watching Chester singing the last three minutes specifically of The Little Things Give You Away will stand out. Feels like such an intimate moment filled with intense emotion as he sings to crowds of people, and not even saying anything actually!!! I think when I saw him sing this song live, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. Maybe I took the beauty of his voice for granted, but as I watch archived shows, I wish I could freeze time and go back there. The piano version of Pushing Me Away is up there too. Another favorite live moment in time that I wish I can get back again. :cry: #ripchester


Papercut was always my favourite. The part where they sing “The sun goes down” is just so different from the original and just too perfect live :slight_smile:

The second one is The Catalyst the “Lift me up, Let me go…” part, I love it to bits :slight_smile:

And a bunch of others such as Talking to Myself, Rolling in the Deep, Castle of Glass, that super-long scream in Given Up :metal: :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry, I just couldn’t write one thing :laughing: I really tried :smiley:


Great pull! That specific line in Papercut is especially stellar too in my view (and said to be Chester’s fav to perform). And I was sooooo impressed with Chester’s rendition of Rolling in the Deep. Not very easy to hit those Adele notes. I listen to that one on my way to work often!!! No worries 'bout the multiple choices, figured no one could just pick one, there are just too many but thought it would be good dialogue to have…and for selfish reasons gives me an excuse to think more about Chester’s greatness. :sunglasses::metal:#makechesterproud