Favorite superhero and villain?


Everyone has to have a favorite superhero and villain, what’s yours?
My favorites are:

Superhero- Tony Stark/Iron Man
Villain- The Joker


Superhero: Me
Villain: Mike Trollnoda


favorite superhero is batman

dont have a favorite villain… my favorite villain in dragonball z is garlic jr :smiley:


Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man
Favorite Villain: Venom



Favourite Superhero: Hawkeye


Superhero: Captain Marvel
Villain: Apocalypse


Superhero: Batman
Villain: None


superhero: none
villain: definitely JOKER


superhero : Batman
Villain : the joker , and my boss T_T


Superhero: Wolverine
Villain: yeaaaah The Joker (by Heath Ledger) No other.


IceBerg from the X-Men (not in the movies)
And would you take Deadpool for a villain ? If not, I’d say Mystique.


Hero: Ironman
Villain: Loki. definately.


Superhero: Batman
Villain: The Joker


[quote=Antoine Pandobox Morin]Superhero: Me
Villain: Mike Trollnoda


This is the entire link, I don’t know why it appears separated.

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Awesome choices so far! :smiley:


DC -
Super Hero - Robin/Nightwing (Greyson only)
Super Villain - Slade and The Joker

Marvel -
Super Hero - The Punisher and Wolverine
Super Villain - Loki

Anime -
Super Hero - Gohan and Spike
Super Villain - I don’t have one lol.

Cartoons -
Super Hero - I don’t have one lol.
Super Villain - I don’t have one lol.


Superhero : Iron Man
Villain : Loki


I thought in Punisher too but he’s neither super nor a hero. He’s known as a anti hero, because he gets justice without feelling remorse about killing people. So, that not what a hero is supposed to do.


Superhero: Super Chaz! :smiley:
Villain: My fourth hour teacher… XD