Favorite Things About Chester


They way he always lost his shirt at some point during the concert. I just love that!


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as for the comment, as a guy here I wouldn’t be as excited as you lol Id say the carefree humor was my favorite…


My personal fav thing about Chester was the genuine smile he gave from his heart to his fans, the sincere kindness and generosity he showed toward the cancer patients of Banner Children’s hospital in Arizona. He had a heart of compassion. I loved that about him. :heart_eyes:


his kind and infectious smile, his humor, his tatoos

and his voice of course!!!


Got it. No worries.


My favorite thing about Chaz, was his easygoing personality. When I was still in the Marines, stationed out in Cali. I ran into him out in Pasadena, like literally bumped into him and almost knocked myself down. I was on a 4 day liberty due to a holiday and we went up north from Pendleton to chill. A marine buddy of mine went to do his own thing for a while and we were going to meet up at the nearest Best Buy.

Apparently a few of the LP guys were doing a singing somewhere near by that I didn’t even know about. Anyway. I was running around looking for my friend, not paying attention I ran into him was like OMG so sorry excuse me etc… Then I thought I realized who it was. Because I wasn’t sure as I don’t have many encounters with celebs I wasn’t entirely sure. So, I asked you aren’t Chester Bennington, are you? He just laughs and says yeah. I told him I was looking for someone and wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. That I was sorry and he was like it’s all good no harm done lol. He was so friendly about the encounter. We talked for about 5 minutes he thanked me for my service and I shook his hand and thanked him for bringing such amazing music to my life and we parted ways. Last thing I said was keep on doing what you’re doing. That I have so much respect for them and their music.

He seemed to be just this awesome genuine kinda guy. Very friendly, and easy going. I think that is what my favorite thing about him is. he could have easily have been pissed off for me almost knocking him over, but he was very understanding and accepted my apology. Hell, I felt worse after I found out who I ran into. Was rather embarrassed. However a highlight of that night I will never forget.


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nice to remember the good…


the jumping :slight_smile:


His humanity :heart:️


He laughed at a silly joke I told him.


Favorite thing about him? Well I can go on for hours , but his voice will always be my #1 favorite thing about him, also his sense of humor, his smile, and his warmth. He was so kind and generous to his fans.That hug from the 2014 Meet and Greet in Camden is what I will always be greatful for. I remember as if it was only yesterday.


I didn’t see this post before. My favorite thing about Chester? Mmm… Almost 2 months after his passed I’d say that every time we speak about him, we can find a reason to smile, laugh, feel good and strong to keep with our lives. I am not saying that his passed don’t hurt me anymore, still does. But I want to remember him with a smile in my face.


My favorite thing about Chester?
He always wore a smile on his face no matter his struggles. He was just a beautiful soul :heart:


I am inclined to agree with you on that. Some people smile and laugh and you can tell it just doesn’t seem natural when they do. Chaz was always smiling and laughing. and you could see it in his face just how his face reacts. It came so natural. Despite what darkness that lay inside. He never let it show in some way even that happiness and laughter he wore on the outside for the most part for many long years was his beauty that he had on the inside.

I always like to think, this goes for anyone else and myself as well. No matter what demons we face or darkness lies inside. There is always light and happiness, and it will always shine brighter. Just have to fight to keep the darkness at bay or conquer it. It does make me sad. However with him gone. I still see the amazing man he was.


I don’t blame you. That is how I rather remember him too. But I still cry almost every night cause he is no longer with us. But for me, I am not sure if I have had enough time to fully recover on an emotional or psychological level, or get some safe distance from this, that it isn’t so raw. I mean that’s understandable right?


My favorite thing about chester is the way he have so much fun and his was so sexy . And i love his wonderful voice


His voice was the first thing that won me over. Especially the melodic verses on “Crawling” , which made me say . “Okay I’m sold. As of now I am a fan, and I have a crush on him.” His smile, his laugh, and sense of humor , is what I also miss about him. I know I sound like a broken record, but When I first heard “One Step Closer”, I was like hoping they would crank out more songs, and they did. They never once disappointed me. And I loved them from the very first song.


@jenniferhardy for me it is. I can image how do you feel, but just you can tell yourself if you feel good or need more time.

Love LP and a little more Chester is something that we need and do voluntarily.


@ironsoldier16, that’s good advice. :slight_smile: I will always cherish those few minutes I got to meet him in person. On the LPU bandchats, I kept trying hard to see if he would respond to me, and those times, when the chatroom was like over thousands of people, I knew it was gonna be tough, but I wasn’t ready to give up, but when I won my first meet and greet, I guess you can say this was like the equivalent of when Charlie Brown finally kicked the football. My sister and I had a blast that day. When we both got to meet them, I knew this was gonna be a day long remembered. And a day I will always be thankful for,