Favorite "underground" Linkin Park song?


Mine right now is definitely either “qwerty” or “dedicated”. Also, keep in mind I haven’t heard most of the newer underground albums.


Maybe debris or across the line


Drawing and Debris.

Your favorite demo

I think it’s Primo. I want more ATS demos like this :sunglasses:


Across The Line


across the line


Probably What We Don’t Know & Asbestos


QWERTY should have been in the album!


I tend to separate these into two categories: true demos and unreleased songs/b-sides

My favorite demo song is Rhinoceros (though Halo is a close second), and I’d have to say that my favorite unreleased song/b-side is Across The Line.


Not counting demos of songs that were later on an album, I guess I’d pick Coal or So Far Away
Demos included, maybe Untitled (they might have In the End on the LPU CD) or Primo

Hard choices