Favorite Video Games


Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy \o/


At the moment:

-The Legend of Zelda

  • Tales of the Abyss (3DS)
  • Tales of Symphonia (GC)
  • Pokemon :smiley:
  • Okami
  • Skyrim


i like a few
silent hill ( 2nd my fave) ps2
resident evil
call of duty mw and world at war pc
medal of honour
grand theft auto pc
Oblivion on pc
F.E.A.R - this game is awesome, pc
prob a few more ive forgotten lol


cant beat having ultimate gaming PC
although i also have ps3


My favorite games are Left for dead 1 and 2 on xbox and the sims 3 on computer.


omg how can i forget the sims haha im so stupid sometimes


All of the Zelda and , recently, Skyrim on PS3… :slight_smile:


I love OOT! Such an awesome game.


I have an N64, Wii and PS3 - plus a Gameboy Advance SP & NDS. Most of my games are nintendo, and super kiddie friendly xD

I’m a huge Mario fan, and Mario Kart makes me especially competitive. Seriously. I scare people when I’m playing. I’ve also been playing my Mario Party 3 a lot since I dug out my N64 again xD

Otherwise, I love LoZ, Kingdom Hearts, and Little Big Planet


Resident Evil, Zone of the Enders, Kingdom Hearts, Crysis, Half Life 2 :slight_smile:


I am utterly hooked on the Fallout series. Also Skyrim, Oblivion, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, and Lego Harry Potter.


every Mario game in existence, Gears of War 1-3, Call of Duty (even though Activision has basically taken over and now online play is a mess), Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Dead Island…

…The list is actually way too long for me to type out.




Legend of Zelda (favorite is the one on nintendo 64 and windwaker)
Kingdom of Hearts 1 & 2
Mario Kart
The Sims 2 on pc


Well, I’m a huge nerd but I love WOW and always will.
I also play Skyrim occasionally.
Our son also plays Portal 2 and I’ve been meaning to play it. I think I’ll get hooked.

We played Team Fortress (the original one) A LOT waaaaayyyy back when. Hubs and the kids currently play COD (Black Ops and MW3) but I haven’t really gotten into it.


Pokémon (Blue version was the first video game I ever played. Ah, memories:) )
Touhou games (Much better at the fighting games than the shooters, but I try anyways:) )
Tomb Raider (Old school Tomb Raider fan)
VALVe games (Going to have to see about DotA 2 since I play a lot of LoL, but I’m sure it’ll be great)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Dragon Age: Origins

I’m also watching Guild Wars 2 with great anticipation. It’s looking to be a great game so far!

I play several other games as well, but these are just some of my favorites. :slight_smile:

Oh, and first post. Hi LPU!


My favorite Game is…

All Silent hill =) [biggrin]


portal 2
kingdom hearts 2
call of duty mw 3
jack and dexter 3
ratchet and clank
dirt 3


For me

The Lezend Of Zelda ( all )
Kid Icarus Uprising
Pokemon ( all )
Left For Dead ( 1 and 2 )
Mario ( all )
Assassin’s Creed ( all )
Guitar Hero and Rock Band


All the Halo’s,
Fifa 12,
Guitar Hero…
Street Fighter 4,
Marvel Vs Capcom 3…

And lots of others.