Favourite 5 LP Songs


What are your favorite 5 lp songs?

i start

  1. Lost in the echo
  2. Lying from you
  3. The catalyst
  4. In the end
  5. Bleed it out


I can’t say. I love all Linkin Park songs. Some more than others but I don’t think I can make a top 5


[quote=espltd3441]I can’t say. I love all Linkin Park songs. Some more than others but I don’t think I can make a top 5

  1. A Place For My Head
  2. Papercut
  3. Lost In The Echo
  4. When They Come For Me
  5. Nobody’s Listening


There should be different categories for this question!

For example, played best live, most meaningful, best to work out to, etc

I would say my 5 top five meaningful songs are

1- in the end
2- crawling
3-leave out all the rest
5- iridescent

  1. Numb
  2. Crawling
  3. Faint
  4. What I’ve Done
  5. Papercut


Hybrid Theory: Pushing Me Away
Meteora: Faint
Minutes to Midnight: No More Sorrow
A Thousand Suns: When They Come For Me
Living Things: I’LL BE GONE


It’s a difficult question, but after some thinking this is my choice:

  1. My December
  2. Faint
  3. Breaking the Habit
  4. A Place for my Head
  5. And One

But I love also their new music, even though it’s not in this top 5.


I would have to say:

  1. Somewhere I belong
  2. Papercut
  3. Hands held high
  4. With you
  5. Burn it down


3.High Voltage
5.The catalyst


Top 5:

  1. -Given Up
  2. -Victimized
  3. -Blackbirds
  4. -Breaking The Habit
  5. -In My Remains.

But i can’t exactly say it. It’s really very difficult.


I really think harder to choose LP’s songs,and i would say songs are :

  1. Waiting for the end
  2. Bleed it out (Rob’s solo drum: Road to Revolution)
  3. Castle of glass
  4. Faint
  5. One step closer

  1. Crawling
  2. Easier To Run
  3. No Roads Left
  4. The Catalyst
  5. Castle of Glass


Hey guys

Just arrived in LPU

1 One step closer
2 Faint
3 Little Things Give You Away
4 Iridescent
5 Roads Untravelled


I like some songs live then on the album but i don’t really have a top 5… I think my top 5 live songs are

1.Bleed It out
2.In the end
3.Lost of the echo
5.Given up (of course man the scream by chester AMAZING OMG)

SAW LP Proj. Rev. 2007 alpine vally----honda civic tour, 2012 tinley park---- KROQ festival 2012 Las angeles … about to attend a show in las vegas 2013


such a hard decision x____x

  1. By Myself
  2. Iridescent
  3. Waiting for the End
  4. Shadow of the Day
  5. Lost in the Echo



1.- Crawling
3.- Figure .09
4.- Given Up
5.- One Step Closer


Aww it’s too hard to choose! Ok…

1 - Somewhere I Belong
2 - Crawling
3 - From the Inside
4 - Waiting for the End
5 - In Between


It’s hard question, from so many amazing songs to choose only five.

1. In The End
2. Faint
3. With You
4. Somewhere I belong
5. Qwerty

but I love all songs

  1. In Pieces
  2. A Place For My Head
  3. The Little Things Give You Away
  4. Faint
  5. Breaking The Habit