Favourite Linkin Park B-Side


PERSONALLY, No Roads Left will always be my favourite B-Side, what do the rest of you think? P.S I say B-sides but really I mean anything not officially released, LPU CDs, remixes etc


I like dedicated, what we don’t know and qwerty is really awesome xD


High Voltage is my favourite) There are no words to describe that awesome feeling when I listen to it…


26 Lettaz in the Alphabet! XD


“No Roads Left” will always make a knot in my throat.

“26 Lettaz in the Alphabet” will always make me cry with laughter.

“QWERTY” will always make me headbang.


mine has to be ‘My December’


My December & Qwerty


behind your lies (a.k.a~qwerty) and my december because it is so heart-felt


LPU and remixes are not b-side.

For me, the best b-side is No Roads Left.


LPU and remixes are not b-side.

For me, the best b-side is No Roads Left.
That’s what he said in his comment. He only said b-side but he really means anything not officially released. He knows that already…[rolleyes]


I love Across The Line and Bang Three, but I think the best is Qwerty :smiley:


My favorrite B-Sides are My December, No roads left and part of me.
I love this songs.


No Roads Left :smiley:


No Roads Left leads easily,

My December comes next, quite far away from first place,

Accross the Line comes at third, just for it’s special sound, I don’t know how I could describe it…


High Voltage, Qwerty, No Roads Left


Either High Voltage, Reading My Eyes, or Debris. The latter is really different for them, but I love it.


No Roads Left, Reading My Eyes and Across The Line


Step up, high voltage and of course qwerty!


Way too hard to choose just one.But right now, it is probably Slip. Don’t know if you can actually call it a B-Side, because it actually never got released officially on an record. But I’ll take this as my answer.


I think No Roads Left will win the poll! [biggrin]
I really love it and it brings back good memories: it surfaced in the same week I was going to see LP live for the first time, so I was listening to it all the way to the concert.
It’s really a great and nostalgic song for me, and not only the best B-Side, but maybe the best or one of the best songs they ever made.