Favourite LP album


Hey guys!
So I was just wondering what your favourite LP album is?
I think mine would either be hybrid theory or living things :smiley:


Can’t choose there all so good





well…TODAY my favorite is Living Things :slight_smile: Tomorrow my mind might change




Meteora, too


A Thousand Suns :]


Minutes To Midnight.


a thousand suns.
I like blackout, and when mike was singing the japanese words…about nuclear.


It’s very hard to choose… but I say Minutes to Midnight. I like his melanchonic sonority.


Hybrid Theory! :slight_smile:


My favorite is Hybrid Theory, tough choice though! Here’s how my list goes:

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Living Things
  • Meteora
  • Minutes to Midnight
  • A Thousand Suns

I also LOVE Reanimation, but that’s technically a remix album :smiley:


each album is good in its own way, each has it,because of what we listen to.

  1. Hybrid Theory :heart:
  2. Meteora
  3. Reanimation
  4. A Thousand Suns
  5. Living Things
  6. Minutes To Midnight

I actually listen more to some of the LPU cd’s than some of these [wink]




Well, it’s hard to choose one, but the one that had a big impact on me when I first heard it, is Meteora.


Hard to choose but AS AN ALBUM its ATS. If i only look at the songs only its living things.


HT & Meteora


The best album was defenitly A Thousand Suns for me.

I love all albums, but a thousands suns sound as there is only one track. Because they works so good togehter.