Favourite LPU Album?


Which is YOUR favourite LPU album??? My favourite is LPU 6.0 because it came with the QWERTY studio and live!

Best LP Underground Album

my favorite lpu album is… i really like the lpux album, pale is awesome, and halo, and have not yet begun, but im listening to lpu11 and its awesome as well… :3


my favorite LPU album LPUX!


It’s a toss-up between 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0


I LOVE 9 and X but I think I’ll make X win this,


LPUX demos

I also like LPU 6 and LPU 9 a lot


For me it’s a tossup between LPU9 and LPUX.




LPU 2.0 for the design and a very good tracklist.


Hmmm LPU9 or LPU11. Can’t choose.


My favorite LPU album is LPU4 because of Standing In The Middle.


LPU2 because of High Voltage Live & My December
LPU5 because of Breaking the Habit Live = Perfect
LPU9 because of Fear


LPU9, LPUX and LPU11


LPU9 because of Fear!


Absolutly LP Underground 6 for QWERTY Live…but also the LP Underground 2.0 (for A.06 and High Voltage Live), LP Underground X: Demos (for Pale) and this LP Underground 11 for Bang Three and Blue :smiley:


I’d have to say LPU 9 because Fear and Drawing are just too amazing!


I like the LPUX because of divided and pretend to be but LPU 11 is also good.


My fave one is LPU9, beacuse it has demos of their greatest songs like Faint, LOATR (Fear), Figure.09 (i love the demo!), TLTGYA (Drum Song) and BTH (Drawing).
Oh, I didn’t mention Across the Line and A-Six Long (their best instrumental to me)!? I love them too!

I like LPU6 too. Reasons: Qwerty and Reading my Eyes (live).


mmm very difficult.


I don’t know. I think it’s LPU9… but I’m not sure. Hard decision.