Favourite Quotes


Here are some of mine:

Mike: “When I hear stories about people watching LOST IN THE ECHO and it pulls up pictures of their lunch or their dog by accident, I think that the idea of all these people in the video like having an emotional breakdown over somebody’s sandwich is hilarious”

Mike: “What is that weird smell?… That’s the smell of… Yea, they tried to make the room smell better that it does, I think”

Phoenix (to camera): “Did you catch that? That’s why we practise these things. And if anyone’s gonna get lit on fire, it’s gonna be Chester”

Chester: “We filled NRG (…) with about 3 000 balloons. It was ridiculus dude, the static electricity in there was insane, we were afraid it was gonna like, make the pleace catch on fire. It was crazy”

Mike (jumping with Chester): “I don’t know what we’re doing, but I love it”

Chester: “Hey, I need to go the… to like an ER, just because I have a hole in my face. (…) What happend? I hit myself in the face with the tennis racket, that’s what happend… It went all the way through. I should just like wear a helmet, and like, pads, everywhere I go”

Everyone in the room: “Happy birthday dear Bradford, happy birthday to you”, Brad: “Dude, if I known you guys are gonna be singing, I would put this plugs in first in my ear”

Phoenix: “We’re doing some promo stuff for ‘Minutes To Midnight’”, Joe (to Brad): “You have anything to say? As we sign off?”, Brad: “…”

Mike: “Things to do in my lifetime: Sabotage the MTV interview, by letting the boat off the dock and dropping the powerline into the water – check”

Phoenix: “From now on, in France, you will call me ‘le Phoenix’”

Mike: “It’s like 4:45 an we haven’t had lunch, but they keep blowing up food”

Somebody (to Chester; at making of the video): “Chester, you want one more?” Chester: “[laughs] I don’t think I even have a choice”, Joe: “Good answer”

This one is from a video someone recorded at Orange Warsaw Festival:

Fan in a crowd: “CHESTER I LOVE YOU!”, Chester (on stage): “Thank you very much”, fan: “YOU’RE WELCOME”


Rob : " Chickenfriikaasee " ; Mike : " Chickenfrikasee ( double fast ) "