FCancer Awareness - Please read & help


Hi dear fellow LPU’ers,

I was hoping you could help me with something. I lost both my aunts to cancer about 10 years ago now, which was just horrible and there was nothing to help them, no support whatsoever. Today I came across this campaign and I thought it’d be nice to share it with you guys. It’s an organisation called ‘FCancer’ and they don’t help in the research for finding a cure for cancer but they help in the humane aspect of the illness, the things people tend to forget about.

They help people reorganise their lives accordingly and offer support wherever needed, the things we tend to forget about when we think of donating for a cause that helps fight cancer. ‘FCancer’ tries to give those people that are incurable (and also the curable) the best time of their life, before it actually has to end due to that horrible illness.

With Christmas coming up, I was hoping some of you would find it in your heart to donate some money for this amazing cause, that tends to the forgotten aspect when we talk about cancer.
With only $3/€3/£3, which is about the price of a Big Mac (or even less) you’d be supporting a fantastic cause and not gain any weight while you do so! And above all that, you enter a competition as well and get the chance to go on a date with Ed Sheeran (if anyone here cares for that)!

You can donate here: http://bit.ly/1bmqOjg

I know this is a ‘Linkin Park’ thing but I was just hoping, you guys’d be so kind to help me out. My aunts didn’t have all this support, so for me this is just amazing. I love you all so much, you’re the best people in the world but if you could help support this cause, man, that would be just fantastic!

So please, help me out? I will be eternally grateful for all of you who help me! Please donate and spread the word! [biggrin]

Cheers! R.