Feedback: Forum profile - LPU profile: Link?


Is there a way to link the forum profile with the LPU account? For example: when I see someone posting incredibly interesting things in the forum and I want to add them as a friend. How can I reach their LPU profile? Searching for the username is useless. My profile is the best example: here in the forum my username is adiek84, while my LPU name is LPFC_Adie. It would be great if there was a link to our LPU profiles somewhere.


I have the same problem, my LPU username purrfect but my forum username : purnama_agustina. I’ve tried edit it but nothing happen. I guess I have to used it using my real name here xD


I’m having the same issue as you @purnama_agustina
Yes @adiek84, I’d love it if clicking on someone’s avatar re-directed you to their LPU profile and not forum profile where there is no option to befriend them.


i would like to change my forum username, but where i can do it?

i like my LPU username , i would like have the same username at forum like my LPU username
its possible to change it?


Those having trouble can you try logging out and in here?

Also confirm someone else is not sitting on your username (search for it in the search box)


It worked for me. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I logged out and in, but my username is still adiek84. It would be nice if this could be changed somehow.


I still can’t change my username here. Has anyone found a solution yet?


Where did you log out, the main site or the forums?


I logged in and out on both sites many times by now.


Try changing it to something else and trying, unless you tried that. I know when mine wouldn’t change it was triplexero on here and TripleXero on the main site and it wouldn’t change, because that’s what it always was since before it was fixed, but I changed it to TripleXeroTest and it did, then I changed it to TripleXero and it worked


Thank you, it worked! :smiley:


I guess originally this post wasn’t about having different user names, but about that it’s not possible to add somebody from the forum. Would be more comfortable.