Festival - What combos would you want?


What combos would you want to see at a festival?

  • Rock / Pop
  • Rock / Dance
  • Rock / Metal
  • Rock / Blues
  • Rock / Jazz
  • Rock / Country
  • Metal / Dance
  • Blue / Pop
  • Pop / Metal
  • Dance / Pop

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If a charity festival was created which combinations of music would you want to see? Go here and vote your choices.

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My dream concert would be the likes of Linkin Park, Shinedown, Floflos and the machines, Matt Corby, and hell Matchbox 20… I would also like to see Pink and Sia live.


I never been to a concert. I wouldn’t mind seeing anyone, really.


Join the club.

I’d rather see Red over LP live because Red have never been in the UK and is thus a far far more rare occasion whereas LP have been many times.


My dream concert has already (kind of) happened, so highly doubt it’ll happen again. Any good line up is fine by me as long as the bands are not random.


Yeah. Out of state concerts would be tough for me or country. If they came to Florida I would go see Linking Park matched with anyone.


It should be Jazz…for me, at least :blush: