Few Living Things songs on concert setlist


I dont like bristow for concerts because of that curfew, always cuts the big name bands down if they are running late which I hate. I dont see that happening in camden NJ, and it will be the summit too, so hopefully that will be the longest and best set lest. I agree they have so much great material, it needs to be a combination of 5 or so songs from LT, 5 from HT, 5 from Meteora, 5 minutes to midnight, 5 from ATS, that would be about right 25 songs, some chopped, mixed down a bit would be perfect.


I was at the show in Bristow and I’m seriously considering making the road trip to Camden if I can get tix.

Of all the songs from Living Things, I was really surprised they didn’t play Lies Greed Misery. Hopefully they do add it because its one of those songs you can’t help but get into, esp at a concert setting.


Thanks all for your replies you give me some hope that perhaps the setlist was affected by the venue or other factors. I also noticed “Crawling” was missing, but I noticed that “Somewhere I belong” was in there. That is one of my favorite songs and they did not play it in the 2011 concert I went to. So it’s one for another … it is hard to please us all but I hope they increase the setlist for future concerts :slight_smile:


I’m hoping another tour cycle will be added as well. And LP should be headlining, not co-headlining… I don’t know, that’s just me.


I just want that in Brazil they play:

  • Lost in the Echo;
  • I’ll be Gone;
  • Powerless.

And then I’ll be happy! [biggrin]


I’m not surprised at all. LP has 5 studio albums now. They cannot play so much from every single album. But I am quite impressed about the huge amount of HT songs.




i really hope the setlists for my next couple of shows have more living things songs


Looks like a pretty decent set list. Its hard when they have so many albums to capture all songs especially when this is their first ‘Canadian tour’. I was hoping to see Points of AUthority on the set list but I’m excited to see them none the less! Little over two weeks left to go!


Does anyone know if they will be cutting down the setlist even more for the festivals? I’m going to Sonic Boom to see them, which is like 9 bands playing in one day. Incubus is co-headlining while Linkin Park is headlining. But with 9 bands playing in one day, do you think they’d play a full setlist or cut it down, even though they’re headlining?


I really liked the idea of playing songs they usually dont any more, like With You, Points of Authority, part of QWERTY and I loved the sabotage part.