Film scene with Chester dedication ending = Looking for modelers!


I don’t 100% understand how it should be and what view is required.
Should it be smth like this?!
10 min phone sketch just to understand the figure.


Its basically three drawings of the same character from the front, back and the left and right side.

It needs to be in as much detail as possible.

Something like this: (detail-wise)

I have pictures of Mike and John for you to use for help.


Ok. I will give it a try but can not promise you that I will succeed.
Also, more fantastic than Mike with wings can be only one thing - shirtless Mike :joy:


Agreed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: No one is really sure what h looks like though… this is the closest we’ve ever gotten… when my team drew Adam’s character we went for his chest being a combo or Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth… so not really sure who you want to go for…

I also wanna put some Japanese tattoos on him as well… but not too sure. We’ll just see how the drawing goes first.


Whad did you say was your twitter? What about the messages?


Sorry for taking so long to reply, things got pretty busy here.

My twitter is @Remember_us__ and I tried to DM you on Twitter, but I couldn’t get it to go through.


@framos1792 @theearlywalker @rickvanmeijel, I should have thanked you guys sooner! Thanks to you myself and Jabin have done incredible work and Jabin has started on the rough sketch of Mike:

(Yes, Mike and Bourdie are gonna be shirtless) Mike’s chest is a mix of Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth while Rob is gonna have Jason Mamoa’s chest.

If you guys want to follow this project til the end, please follow me on Twitter @remember_us__ and turn on my post notifications to be instantly notified5


Awwww- sooo cool- and Jab - once more a great proof of your motivation- heart and talent !!! Wonderful @jabinquaken :heart_eyes:


Thanks. But this all I will move yo oven. Gonna start all over again.


Why??? :flushed:? Noooo!


Because in terms of anatomy it is ok. It terms of Shinoda and concept, it is not.


@theearlywalker @ashesoftime @rickvanmeijel @framos1792 @Honey8
Hey guys, can I ask if you could ask more people in this forum, other LP forums or 3d modeling forums to see if they would want to help? I’ve edited my main post to fit the new roles needed.




Sorry friend but I don’t know anyone who’s good for the model thing.