Final masquerade acoustic!


Did anyone else get an email from Ticketmaster with a link to download the acoustic version of Final Masquerade!? ITS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! :open_mouth:


Damn ! Mike sound freakin’ amazing on that ! Makes me fall in love with that song even more (if it was possible)


Omg yes!!! Just made my night! Beautiful, so glad they shared :slight_smile:


I can’t download the song. The server at is taking too long to respond. Anyone can help me to send me this song via email? Thank you


I squealed like a pig in enthusiasm for this. This song is proof once again how AMAZING it would be if Linkin Park would just make an entire acoustic LP. I’m a sucker for this stuff man, totally in love with it man.

Mike’s singing voice has grown a lot :smile:


Love it! I would have loved to have seen this live.


Totally! A video would be nice too :smile:


It’s gorgeous!!! Leave it to those guys to think of something that awesome to share with their fans :smiley:


It’s utterly beautiful; I really adore this version of the song!


WOW!! Stunning, I love it. This will be my lullaby starting from now :blush: . We thank YOU guys!!!


try this:


Thank You Susan, I got it. I was streaming before on youtube. And, I try to download but failed. But, the problem has solved. Once again, thank you :slight_smile:


It’s beautiful. I love it that Mike is singing and I think that the cello blends perfectly with the guitar and piano. I wish they did more songs like this one.


I love the rawness to it. It gives it an intimacy that u just don’t get from the albums - this is how they sound… and they sound good!

Another example of why their fans just keep falling in love with them over n over again… not only did they do something special but they chose to then share it.

Thanks guys :blush:


this song is so great… i love it. especially when mike an chester sing at the same time :heart_eyes:


until now i was just happy with this


Wowzer !!!
Totally awesome


We wanted acoustic songs, we wanted Final Masquerade with Mike’s vocals, so here it is :wink: it sounds amazing, it would be nice if they had more acoustic versions of their songs and release it in some way. :heart:


It is wonderful! I love it! Mike’s sounds amazing! :blush:
And Chester too of course :blush:


It’s amazing :slight_smile: