Finally a LPU Member


Hello everyone,

I’m new here.
I had a membership back in 2013 bit didnt know that there is a forum but this year i noticed😅
Im glad to be a member of such an awesome Group of people.
Since last week i looked through this forum and some poszed stuff and i really really like it.
So today will be my first (sure not the last) LP Concert and i am so excited😍
Thanks for being here

Greets David

PS sorry for bad Englisch…here is a potatoe (imagine potatoe picture)

Instagramm: zinsslerdavid
Snapchat: zinssler


Great to have you here!
Chime in wherever you like :thumbsup:


hello there


Welcome! :blush:


Is it possible to become an LPU member if I’m from the UK? It seems to be only for the US :cry:

Please help!!



You should be able to purchase a membership from nearly anywhere in the world. What problems are you having?


When I try to set up a membership it’s only showing to purchase it in
dollars and when I tried continueing anyway when I was putting in my bank
details etc it was only giving me options to put what state in the US I
lived in?

Any help would be much appreciated!



Well don’t tell them your in the UK sweetie! Use a VPN to hide where your at or try the Google chrome incognito option in the browser. Good luck!


Hello to u too. Are you injoy being a lpu member. I love it i can talk to anyone if I’m feel down . They truly understand u when u need to talk


A bit late but only just shown up in latest feed now!
I’m from U.K. And Lpu member, I managed to put U.K. Address and I think I just paid in dollars and my bank did the conversion rate. Sometimes there’s a small fee for them to do this :slight_smile: