Finally an lpu member! dying to know all of you!


ITS THE my best day ever to be here :smiley: i would love to know you all more and become friends :slight_smile:


Hey there I became a new member today too :slight_smile:


awesome :slight_smile: add me too :slight_smile:


Welcome, both of you, to the LPU!


I remember the day I finally joined the LPU in 2006, after years not being allowed to, finally being (more officially) part of an amazing group of hardcore LP fans. You won’t regret it!
I hope you guys will make lots of great friends here. :slight_smile:
Welcome to both of you!


Thankyou so much :blush: let’s have a good time rocking out haha :wink:


Welcome!! Also, we offer cookies to the most active users every week, so don’t forget to post everyday :wink:


cool :heart_eyes: what kind of cookies lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:


You can choose from a variety of options. They are all prepared with love by LPUsers.


They’re awesome :smiley: are you gonna deliver them to India?? haha sorry…i’m confused :grin: :heart_eyes:


I had to check your profile because of that comment. The amazing part is that I too am from the same location :smiley: A very sweet surprise. Nice to meet you :smile:


cool :smiley: so where do you live??? where are my cookies?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does that answer your question?

Haha, I remember my first year in the LPU, my first time in the chat room and on the messageboards.

My God, I was such a n00b back then…


Oh yeah, and welcome to the LPU!! Enjoy your stay!


myyy Chester <3 lol


thankyou so much <3 :wink: see you around :heart_eyes:


@lp13413 dude…why cannot i open the LPU chat?? :sob:


Welcome! So glad to have you! We are (in my opinion) the best forum around!


i’m glad :heart_eyes: could you please tell me why i cant access LPTV/chat?? how do i link instagram here? ty