First LP concert: what do I need?


I am pretty young so the 15th is my first Linkin Park concert! I joined the LPU in November. What do I need to bring? How does the M&G work?


I’d make sure you have a camera, and a decent quality one at that. I really regret not having taken better pictures at my first concert

This is one of like 4 pictures I have from it, in the highest quality it was taken in


Alright. I’m bringing my iPhone 5. How do the meet & greets work?


I’ve never had one so I don’t fully know, sorry


The LPU has had a history of waiting until the last minute to let people know if they got accepted for the meet and greet. If you got one, they’ll send you an e-mail with all the information you’ll need to know.

Oh, and bring plenty of money if you want food, or merchandise. Linkin Park likes to raise their prices a bit…


How do I enter to get a chance for meet & greet?


Find your show on the Contests page, and there should be an option to enter into the meet and greet pool


Thankyou so much! It says no guests allowed, though. This means, if I do win, my Dad can’t come with me to the meet & greet? He’s driving me there, because I don’t have my drivers’ license yet.


Only selected LPUers are allowed into the meet and greet. If a child wins, however, they do offer parent passes.


Yay! Good thing too, because my dad isn’t an LPU member!


You want to bring a water or two, and a place to put it. I don’t know if you’ve been to a rock concert, but when I first went to LINKIN PARK I was really nervous about the crowd; don’t be. There may be a few people who are really rowdy but everyone there is really nice and just looking for aa good time. Hope you have the time of your life!


Depending on the venue, some might be a little more strict on what you can and can’t bring in. Some venues may even sell water and stuff inside, but some places would probably have you purchase a beer ticket, if you’re of age.

If you’re not sure, I would check your venue’s website, they’ll usually tell you everything you need to know.


If your phone does not have a good battery, I would recommend picking up an external backup battery and charging both before leaving. Be wary of using GPS too much to navigate to the venue: as it is a huge battery hog and it will kill your phone.

Otherwise, pack light. You don’t want to be holding a bunch of garbage while trying to have fun, and you don’t want to be vulnerable to pickpockets. I usually just get away with a thinned-out wallet, some ear plugs, my phone, my tickets. Tote bag optional or else i’m just fitting everything into jacket pockets if it is not too hot.

If you expect to buy merch, then make room for it. Though for official LP merch, you can buy many of those pieces online before or after your show. You don’t have to get those AT the show. There’s always people selling (possibly illegal) merch outside the show.

Have a good meal before the show, but don’t stuff yourself too much. The stuff inside is always expensive, poor quality slag. The less you eat that stuff the better.

If you are in the Pit (General Admission), while it is possible to camp at the front of the pit by getting there early, you do so at the risk of not going to the bathroom and/or getting very dehydrated. If you plan on doing this I advise googling some strategies. If you have a reserved seat, then you can leave to and fro from the show to the merch/food area as much as you like. If your venue has a lawn area you can take a (small)! beach chair and picnic blanket and stuff. Check your venue’s rules for bringing in items or they may be confiscated when you enter.

Check the minimum age for the child-parent rule. I’m pretty sure it does not apply to teens. Make sure your parent is holding your stuff (except for the one thing you want signed) when the line goes in. Make sure you are at the M&G line at the right time! Don’t be late or there will be no way into the secret area. The M&G line is usually conspicuous so don’t stress too much over it though.

Meet and Greets usually allow one (and only one!) item to be signed. There’s a lot of fans and if LP spends a minute with each one then it would take hours, so in reality you get a few seconds with each band member. Think of what you want to say in advance. They run out of original things to say after the umpteenth person, so you are the one that has to speak up and say something ice breaking. You can shake hands with them. Some Meet and Greets do group photos. I was never in one of those so i cant say how those would happen. I think they mail the picture to you after the show like a couple weeks later or something.

And if your phone goes dead, have a map of the area in your vehicle so that you can find your way. Also make sure your car is stocked for emergencies if you are going far.


To add to what Kathy said, if you do win a meet and greet, make sure to pick the item you want signed that you don’t mind carrying around the venue with you.

If you’re in the pit, I would advise against bringing a guitar or any large objects.


go early to the concert place… about 4-3 hours before the doors open…so you can get a good place at the front… and take something to drink or eat with you for the time you are waiting… and also take something with you like a gameboy,psp or a book to pass the time…

i was at the concert in zurich… i waited 4-5hours for the door opening… but it worth it… i was at the front and gave chester a handshake :heart:

sorry for my english ^^


M&G is the best thing ever so trust you will enjoy.
Seriously check the options regarding your Dad and get sorted well before time.
With our tickets we were in special seated area just off stage so had the best view.
As others have said, get there with lots of time to spare, at the concert we went to there is so much around the arena so food and drink not an issue.
Not sure if Stateside is the same but our M&G was in a VIP lounge with open bar ( not that you will be "drinking) with cold drinks and we also got a food voucher in our gift pack.
There is a “minder” (Ours was Justin) that will brief you on all the “cans and cannots” - we were told that taking your own picture being a big no no, however some did get selfies as they asked individual members if OK.
If you check out M&G pics on LP website under Media you will see pictures. There is a team photo and then several of each band member as they move along the line signing your item. This ensures that you won’t miss out getting autographs.
We had a great chat with Chester, and he was amazed that a father and son were such great fans and this ultimately resulted in Chester calling us up on stage when fans were asked to join the band for the lanst song at London O2 on 24th Nov 14
Agree with others, make sure you have fully charged phone and good camera, a back up battery is also advised. Get some good pics but advice not to spend too much time taking them so you don’t miss the show. Lots of others will also be taking vids and pics and they will surface on social media.
Hope you have a great time