First LP Meet & Greet and Concert


Hey everyone! Yesterday at the Soundwave Festival in Brisbane, Australia I was able to Meet LP for see them in concert for the very first time. In the M&G… oh god… it was breath-taking… as soon and Joe & Rob stepped through the door I started tearing up. But then I saw the rest of the boys come through & I just lost it. I start crying my eyes out with a huge smile on my face. They were so sweet and kind and so down to earth. And I couldn’t stop crying until they left. It was the most amazing thing! The concert! Oh my! It was fantastic! Everything I dreamed it would be! They guys were so energetic and so damn amazing! & they even played my favourite song from the new album! :smiley: ‘Lies Greed Misery’ I belted that song with all my heart until I couldn’t feel my vocal chords, haha.

This was my first LP experience and I had waited 12 years for this. I have considered them my Hero’s since I was 10 years old. I’m now 22 and… god… it was worth the wait… but to hell if I’ll wait another 12 years! Haha for so long I had thought, dreamt & obviously day dreamt about this moment for so long. I lobe this band with all my heart & I honestly have no idea where I would be without them and their music to keep me grounded.
This was in all honesty the best day of my life. And I will forever treasure those moment. Thank you so much guys for making my dreams come true.


I was there too! It was sooo amazing!!! Went wayyy too quick though! I couldn’t think of anything to say! Hah


I meet them on Thursday in New Zealand, they are so awesome!


That was awesome, got any photos of me… I’d love to see them.


i meet LINKIN PARK 23 feb in brissy!! for the first time i didnt think i would have such an emotional expericene i didn’t know what to think or say happened way too quick! i was so god smacked!! hiding underneath my blue lil cap lol until i put my head up and said hi and thats when it hit me couldn’t stop shaking#sonervous lol thankyou so much guys, was worth the wait!!! xx dream come true for me :slight_smile: 10 yrs in making stay true! xx

cant wait to see photo’s [/size]


I met them in Las Vegas, It was also my first time! I didn’t quite cry but It was breath taken experience! :slight_smile: (fan since 2000 here)


Agree with all the above…it was a fantastic experience!!


Haha! I glad i wasnt the only one :slight_smile: I have all the photos i took on my facebook :slight_smile: feel free to have a look :smiley: i must ask… was i the only one bawling my eyes out? Lol i was trying so hard not yo let the tears fall when i was talking to them lol. I will never forget this. It was truly amazing. There was so much i want to say to them. But i just could not get it out. Haha