First single "Heavy" released


Today is a release day of first single Heavy from a new album One More Light. How do you guys think about song Heavy? For me the lyrics is amazing eventhough the music is 100% pop music maybe, not a rock or metal music, but honestly I like the song. I think it can be warming up until an album released. I apreciate their hard work during this. Thank you.


Were all discussing it here, "One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!, soldier! Come join us.


I had to look it up on YouTube but I love the song :smiley:


There is already a post like this. Search before you make one and with this being the first single, it was on the first page. @jFar920 @derek


I’m sorry about that. Thank you.


Oke, I’m sorry…


It’s ok, everyone’s excited for the new album and song, but in the future, please search the forum beforehand

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