First song you listened from Linkin Park


What I’ve Done cx

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The firs song that I listened from Linkin Park was Crawling


In the End. Then I was hooked.


Faint, love that song


Numb got me totally numb :))


In the End.

but Faint and Somewhere i belong was the really first!


Crawling… love this song :smiley:


In the end


One Step Closer



[quote=aaronzors]One Step Closer


In the End. It sounded so grand, now I hardly listen to it cause almost everything from HT and MT is so played out on my computer haha


I love people who don’t search before creating duplicate threads


“In the End”


Funny thing is I can’t quite remember because I heard it on the radio. I am pretty sure it was “Numb” but it could have been “Breaking the Habit” or “In The End”. It was also the first time that I had heard Linkin Park. I didn’t even know who they were until I heard the song again on the radio and the DJ announced that it was Linkin Park.


The firs song that I listened from Linkin Park was One step closer


In the end :slight_smile:


Crawling from the Hybrid Theory album! Can’t get enough.


Crawling, many years ago now. I still remember seeing the video for the first time… Awesome!!


What ive done!


Well all of Hybrid Theory. I’d hear it playing in my brother’s room and sit outside listening.
The song that stood out though was In The End easily. :slight_smile:


Don’t Stay