First Time Concert M&G/BackStage


Hello, to the community! My name is Jose from Nebraska, I’ve been listing to them since their first hit "One Step Closer’ on their Hybrid Theory album in 2000.

So, this will be my first time attending to a concert. I was waiting for LP to come to my town again (since I didn’t have the cash in 08 when they came to my town which was Omaha, NE). And now I have the chance to meet them in person in Lincoln, NE on Feb 7. For the very first time.

My questions are: Do I get a notification to go for the Meet & Greet? How early am I suppose to go? Backstage? Would I get a special VIP item to go backstage after the concert is done? The do’s and don’ts while before, during and after attending the concert? Item’s can I bring? Wanted them to sign a t-shirt and poster.

Hope to get your guy’s exp on this. Thanks!


Have you signed up for the meet this concert? It is the first thing to do, you have been selected? If yes in the email they send you is all you need to know.
Enjoy much since the queue, friendships made there and the whole concert!
Good luck!


I don’t think so. Where do I go to sign up? Thanks.


You are a LPU member?
If so, you should enter this link and click 'sing up for this’


Yes, I am a LPU member.


If so, you should enter this link and click 'sing up for this’

Sorry began in English, then went back to the Portuguese and realized I had been wrong after sending.

Any questions I am available to help.


Meet & Greet Lottery Contest? I bought my package for the M&G/Backstage Concert. I am a little confused?


With this I can not help you I suggest you contact the LPUHQ this link


Do you mean you bought a ticket with a m&g and backstage pass or do you mean you bought the LPU package and you think it includes those things?

If you did the first, you will be emailed with information I imagine. If ýou mean the second, do what @raphael_lima tokd you and if you get selected you will receive an email with all the info you will need.

Keep in mind that in either case ypu won’t go backstage at the end of the snow. M&gs take place during the sets of the opening act, in this case OM&M and Rise Against.


I think I have same questions, mostly. I’ll report back post Wed 21 - we have M&G + backstage package. I guess I’ll receive an e- mail as to when & where to meet up. I know that M&G package people met at same time with lottery M&G winners last August in FL. Package fans went into M&G first. Not sure if they had any other views- like ‘backstage tour’ nor if they had designated place to stand for concert. Never heard. Was a shame- Chester was sick- not able to make M&G - but did- show. Started very late- make it finally to the stage. He tried ‘so hard’. And in the end ‘it did really matter’! But whole band & we fans put in all we could to make evening a success. Missed Chester as he is when he is feeling good- but still a great evening. J


I did the meet & greet, and sidestage for Carnivores tour. I’m also doing the same for this tour.
That said, things were a bit unorganized last summer. I ended up emailing the company the morning of the show and they eventually sent our details.

Basically if you purchased all of this, you need to enter at the VIP entrance and get your package (not sure about the M&G lottery). They go over stuff with you some hours before the M&G. You usually have the M&G half-way through the act right before LP goes on or earlier. I believe Justin was the guy we coordinated with for everything. The side-stage was way more unorganized and I’m surprised we actually made it up. But there were only 5 of us total up there. Truly a unique experience.
If you have any more questions just let me know