Five-minute look inside the studio writing process


This video was uploaded to Linkin Park’s official Facebook page yesterday, probably after a live broadcast. It shows Shinoda, Delson and Jon Green brainstorming lyrics to a new song


And I had no idea who that was. Still, pretty lame that they have other people to help them. It’s obviously not going to be a solid LP album.


don´t gimme such horror-idea, it would be a pure one, that´s all showing, imo, that the “real spirit” at studios won´t flow right now and MS is looking for “the idea” maybe??? @Mike


No, he’ve said already in a bunch of interviews that they’re trying this new approach; bringing various people in to help with the writing process. It’s not like a collaboration, it’s other people writing lyrics and music for them.


whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :persevere::scream:


like you say: John Green is helping them writing songs, not writing for them.
Maybe he’s the producer of the new album just like Rick Rubin.


Nope, like I said above, they’ve mentioned that they’re bringing in different people to bounce ideas off of each other.
If you ask for my honest opinion, it is because Mike and Brad are tired of writing everything themselves and need help. I still don’t see how it is a good idea, I prefer it when artists right everything themselves.

As for the production, I assume they’re doing it themselves again. It’s still early though so we’ll see. In the end they may end up not using any of these tracks/lyrics/wahetever.

(btw, there’s already a discussion going about the new album here)


Man, and I thought people were being critical on LPA :smile:

Funnily enough, the collaborations for the upcoming are not one of points being heavily-debated.


Well, if they do need help writing lyrics… why not resort to us the fans! Look at how many talented writers we have among the LPU community. Like @acemasters and there are several threads of musicians right here on the forum itself.

I also found it quite “adorable” how, in the Facebook stream, Mike had trouble trying to figure out what kind of story he wanted to tell through the lyrics, while avoiding to actually mention any lyrics because he probably didn’t want to give spoilers.

Why aren’t Chester and the others writing along?

So many questions.

If they need a writer; I’m available right here and I’ll do it for 10% any of the writers are charging them right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that would be GREAT @gatsie lol @mike lol :persevere::yum::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


It’s five minutes of a fly-on-the-wall perspective :neutral_face: - no more, no less.

The writing is clearly a collaborative process. Even within this tiny sliver of footage, you can see them bouncing concepts around and getting new points of view from people outside of the band. It’s not that they need help writing because they’re in a rut; they’re just welcoming new ideas to keep things fresh and switch up their process a little.


yeah but I´m not a real fan of “the more-the better” mb they just take the time to go on, honestly, as everytime before- think of BTH-history, and if I don´t want to cocentrate on the inner circle, I´ll pay my att to the outer one, :worried:


If they don’t need help writing, they wouldn’t use the help from these other people.
They have always had someone in the background helping out to polish the songs here in there, whether it be instrumentally or lyrically. There is no shame in that. Backstreet Boys have done it for years…

I was just surprised though… For some reason. My bad.


but the name linkin park bounds…the guys have a face, even to face or loose


So? <what is she saying I don’t get it but don’t want to be rude…>


@minuteforce I don’t follow the LPA so I’ve no idea what’s been said there.

@Gatsie Mike and Brad do 90% of the writing, Joe does another 5% and the rest of the guys 5% more. It is why they didn’t release a making of THP. They didn’t want to show just Mike and Brad working all day every day in the studio, it would look bad.

As for asking the fans for help, it would be an amazing idea but a)management won’t ever agree on it and b) if they did, the fans would whine cause it wouldn’t be open for everyone. (geography and age wise).

Not sure how this help thing is going to go but I sure don’t like it. I’d rather they took more time to write everything themselves than have someone else do it for them.


They could resort to some online contest or whatever with the fans. Have the fans send in their idea for a song. Or write a big Twitter song or whatever. Or use some other social media. That way anyone gets a chance to insert their 2 pennies [if they have an internet connection of course].
It would be a nice publicity stunt that way too.

There were several online remix contests where fans and music lovers could remix Linkin Park songs. Why not do the same when it comes to contributing original material? Of course maybe it would be quite a hassle to dig through all the stuff people would send in. But writing a song without any inspiration is a hassle too.

These are just brainfarts I share, of course. It is not like I expect them to do any of these things.

It does kind of feel weird to hear Mike & Brad are the main writers of the songs when there are 4 more dudes in the band. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great for Mike and Brad that they are so devoted and I’m sure the others have their reasons why they did not write along but… Especially as a vocalist I’d assume Chester would at least try contribute more when it comes to writing a song. [Yes he has a big family, other projects etc etc but so do all the other guys in the band].

Again. I am just wondering this out loud. Not intended to step on toes or whatever. I love this band and really hope the new album will just be from their core, despite of several “songwriters” adding their 2 cents to it.


I know I know, but every contest needs to be approved and some rules have to be set. Most of these had a lot of fans complaining, not everyone gets it :confused: It’s a great idea indeed but I think they’ve had enough trouble already. (Remember what went down with the “LP featuring you” contest?)

I have the same questions about you regarding the writing process. I understand Mike is very creative and can’t just “wait” for the others or not write for a while but it is kind of a shame when an album is written almost completely by 1 or 2 people. The others definitely have a say and contribute as well but not to the extend Mike (and the last few years) Brad have.

They are my favorite band and sometimes it’s hard admitting such things about them but who knows. It’s how they work best I guess.


It’s basically ghostwriting, something that they always wanted to avoid. (Highlighted in blue)


Sad how some things change.