Flag for Birmingham UK Show


Hi everybody,
Firstly, I thought that this warranted its own thread as it is event specific, and could stop us from ending up with duplicates at the Birmingham UK show.

I would like to take it upon myself to buy and take a Union Flag, customised with LP branding with me to the Birmingham show, and providing that I’m lucky enough to get selected for the meet and greet, give it to the guys to hang below Mike’s keyboard. If I was to do this, how many of you would be interested in signing/writing a brief message onto the flag before I do so?

I’m going to do a spray painted LP logo stencilled onto the centre of the flag, which will leave space for a fair few of us to sign it before giving the guys, and hopefully we’ll be able to get it onto the stage.

Not long until the show now, and thought it was time to start planning! 



Hey! Me and my misses would love to do that for sure, if we get meet n greets! Travelling down from Manchester so would love to contribute, cool idea!


Thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed for M&G!


Not a problem, you to!


I’m also up for contributing even though I’m never lucky enough to win events like meet and greet ahah. Also, I’m not creative enough so not sure how helpful I’d be haha. Enjoy the show!


The more the merrier. The idea being that we can give the flag to the guys and hopefully get something that we’ve all been a part of on the stage.

Just hoping I’m fortunate enough to get M&G. I’ve always failed.


I once applied YEARS ago when I joined for a year membership way back (believe it was LPU 7) Won one but didnt check my emails until 2 days after the gig and missed it… Fool! How many places are usually allocated?


It varies I think. Festival ones like Download had quite a lot, but some arena shows have had like 15 people. Luck of the draw.


Figures, wonder what with the reduced dates now they would increase the allocation per night? Eh, will have to wait and see!


I was anticipating that. If not, there will be a lot less chance of winning the passes.


I’d sign it for sure! fingers crossed i can get into the M&G :slight_smile:


Lorenzo said UK emails are going out next, so fingers crossed for us all


oh man!! i cant wait!!!


Awesome! Good luck everyone!


Would love to contribute!


Did you get M&G? If so, I’ll try and meet you before the show so you can give the flag to LP.


Yeah i did! Yeah sure that would be great!


No worries, let me know what time the M&G is and I’ll see if I’m there early enough. I’m not going to leave work early now seeing as I’m just there for the show, but might still be there with enough time.


What time do you think you’ll be at the venue with the flag? I also got a meet and greet so would be up for getting involved if I can rope my sister into it too! Awesome idea


Depends which train I manage to get, and rush hour will play a big part in that. I’ll be coming from Leicester, so it’ll be anywhere from 6:30-7:30. I’m assuming that the M&G will be around 7:30, so if I’m going to be any later than that I’ll post on here.