Flying out of Seattle


So hi I’m ben, 24 years old. I’m so happy I get to attend the special event to celebrate chesters life, but I’ve got one ticket for myself and am going to be traveling, staying alone, and am kind of anxious and nervous about it all. I’ve honestly never actually traveled by myself before so it’s definitely going to be a new experience for me. Just kind of wondering if anyone out there is traveling from Seattle and alone or in a group that may just be open to a relaxed easygoing dude hanging around and getting to know one another I suppose


Hey Ben, you can try to find some buddies on that FB group
People subscribed are from all over the world (me included :smiley: ) and you can join only if you get the ticket!
Hope to see you soon on FB


I’m so happy that u are getting to go to the show to celebrate chester life. And i hope u have a great time. Injoy yourself. Be safe.


Talk to me on fb dude. Havent bought the flight tix yet