Food is for music, music is for food!


We all know Linkin Park is a food band(and we have many proofs of it). So I’ve decided to make a game: one person chooses a title(any artist) and says how it… tastes :joy:. Then names another song to go on

I’ll start:
Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Tastes like Coca-Cola(a very cold one)

Linkin Park - Rhinoceros (2002 LPU XIV demo)


Tastes like shark soup (I’ve never had it! and I’ve never heard the song!)

Linkin park :Iridescent


Tastes like a good creme brulee
Linkin Park - One More Light


Bitter almond…

Linkin park Catalyst


Cold lemonade
Linkin Park - High Voltage


I can tell you exactly how high voltage tastes from experience. It doesn’t taste of anything but it is a stab in the tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Red - Feed the machine

I’m not sure I understand the rules of this game. How do we determine a taste?


Just… listen and think what food it reminds you of. I’ve heard this on the one of the local radio stations and it sounded fun
(Btw I need to listen to that track to make it taste…)


Roasted pork with chilie sause

Serj Tankian - Disowned Inc



Interpol - Leif Erikson.


lemon juice!

Hall of fame - Script


Salad with asparagus

Guilty All The Same - Linkin Park


Beef Steak Chili Flavor

Wretches and Kings - Linkin Park


Spicy sauce

Superheros - script


Sounds like a name of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover

Cold beefsteak

Pump It - Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Red Jalapeños

When They Come For Me - Linkin Park :stuck_out_tongue:


A box of Heinz ketchup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Faint - Linkin Park


Cold Mountain Dew

Invisible - Linkin Park



You’re Not My Kind - Five Finger Death Punch


Umm… Brussels sprouts with vinegar

Fort Minor - Red To Black


Flaming hot cheetos

Where’d you go - fort minor