For Me The Linkin Park Are Life


my boyfriend died of HIV this May after his death I went into depression have been there from May 2014 until February 2015, but when I listen to Linkin Park I feel better, there are days when I think about it and maybe I cry because I miss to die proudly say Linkin Park for me is life without Linkin Park I believe I would not be here today to talk and share my pain with you and all for me has never been easy to talk about it because I killed whenever I spoke then I kept it all inside today I suffer but I am making progress.
For Me The Linkin Park Are Life :smiley:


You are on the right way, try to see the band, maybe with meet&greet, it gives you so much power that you´re vibrating for some weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


I can imagine how you feel. My boyfriend also died, but it’s a long time ago. My thoughts are still with him, and I can still see no pictures of him because it hurts so much. At that time I thought I would die of grief because I didn´t want to live without him. But I found a new love. Now we have been married for 8 years and have 3 wonderful kids. Time will heal your wounds. You probably will always miss him, but you’ll learn to deal with it. Music will help you.


Hey, there’s a really good song about this. (The signer is Chester Bennington)

No need to hear your voice
Or see your face
To know that you are with me
No need to kiss your lips
Or hold your hand
To know that you can feel me
I know that you can feel me
When I look to the stars
I know just where you are
You’re looking down upon me