FOR SALE - SYDNEY (26th Feb.) Ticket - General Admission


I have one (1) Linkin Park ticket for sale

Sydney (26th) - General Admission


Email me @ if you are interested or know anyone that is


Are the LPU12 Lanyards still accepted for early entry into the concert!?!?


LPU11 **


Hey Mitch,

I’m not 100% sure, but I’d say you would have to have LPU12 in order to gain any benefits from the LPU… It might be determined by when you joind though.


I’ve had LPU11 since Day 1, same with LPU12


Fair enough… I’m not sure if it was specifically the landyard that gave early access to some of the overseas shows anyway, I think it was more just being in the LPU and the landyard was just a unique collectible…

Guess we’ll see soon enough :slight_smile:


As long as you are a current member, your good. Print out your receipt and take it with you.


That’s a day after my birthday and I live relatively close to Sydney! I would buy it but unfortunately my parents wont let me because we already have plans ): and besides, I already spent enough money on the Bathurst 12 Hour race…
And I’m not sure about the Lanyard. Maybe if you have some sort of proof of purchase for your LPU12 package?


I’m keen to get rid of it.



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