For the petrolheads


A raptor? Aren’t you in the UK?


Yes I am, but we would leave the Raptor until we live in the US.


I was about to ask what you were going to do with a raptor in the UK. If I were getting a ford I would get a mondeo.


Mondeo’s are pretty good. Had one of those as well. :+1:


It was sorta hard to find this sold online… not in every store
It’s a steer wheel pump, a new one( cause the current one is dying, everytime its harder and harder to rotate the wheel and the sound…) found a good service nearby, tomorrow will go there , install this, change tyres to the winter ones and clean the car


Why not just take it to a Kia dealer where they can service it?


This car stays in the country and the nearest dealer is like 50-60 km away… when the steer can break in any second… kilometres matter


Wow, why so far away? Aren’t Kia known in Russia? I know you guys drive your domestic cars like Lada and the sort but still.


Yes, quite known. The problem is the direction. Dealers are settled in more… tech districts of Moscow or around it. There are Opel and Ford dealers closer though lol


Lol. Russia is very big. The distance can be 5x longer than in GB.


Like I said - the prob is the direction. There are many dealers if you go north out of Moscow, but if you go east… then there’s only one big center of Opel and Ford


So our car is at the mechanics’ again. Turns out the guy working in it had never worked on a Citroen with hydraulic suspension before and had put the ride height sensor back in the wrong place and it tricked the car into thinking that the suspension was too low so the car raised itself to compensate.

I knew something was off when I saw it the first time after its last trip to the mechanic and it looked raised and my dad also said it felt wrong at speed. I initially thought the ride height sensor hadn’t been calibrated (I assumed it needed calibration, I don’t know anything about it) after they replaced the wishbone but it turns out the guy had put it in the wrong position. That begs the question though; why is there more than one mounting position? The C5 is the only Citroen other than the C6 (which uses other parts as far as I know) to use hydraulic suspension so it doesn’t make sense to have multiple positions.

Anyway, this time they’ve given us a little Peugeot 208. Inside it’s almost identical to the revolting 2008. I prefer the 208 more though because it has more comfortable seats, softer suspension, doesn’t rattle like an old shed over bumps and seems quieter. It’s a 3 cylinder petrol and it makes a peculiar rumble since it is inherently unbalanced. Performance-wise my dad says the engine is rubbish and the car feels unstable at motorway speeds.


Speaking of mechanics: got the pump in, now the steer is rotating smooth… just like new. Plus tided up the hand brake a little and changed the tires. Good to go! But these guys at the cleaning center moved the camera a little so the picture is unstable. I can put it back, this doesn’t make a problem.
And also I’ve got to say that the car is in damn good condition. It’s 12 years old and besides the solved pump problem there aren’t any more. The worst thing ever happened to it was the brake system tube rotten and ripped apart, but that was a couple of years ago. Besides, this KIA is one of a couple of a cars I fit in without any problems


Right now I’m reading the info about the new KIA Mohave
Some stuff that I like about that car:
A - exterior design. It’s squared car with some… brutal details but it looks accurate, not like a testosterone monster
B - interior sizes. As the car is sorta square… a lot of place for the head. It’s important! For example, sorta big Quashkai 2014 inside is freaking tiny
C - electronic systems. This one has AVM(view around system), BSD(blind zones system), parking helpers and even tires pressure control(which is actually just a toy: if you need to drop or to add the pressure to the tire you’ll feel it while driving)
D - multimedia. Wide and bright screen, and , which is more cooler, JBL audio system!


Doesn’t look too bad, personally I’d rather a large saloon over an SUV.


I actually liked the car on first sight when it was presented… now I like it even more, even though I prefer hatchbacks and crossovers over outlanders


I’m sorry, but crossovers are idiotic cars. I really don’t see their purpose.


Such a beautiful Kia it looks so nice to drive


So…our car is going back to the mechanic…AGAIN! They’ve hired some idiot who’s never worked on a Citroen with hydraulics before and he hasn’t done his job properly. he front right still knocks when going over larger bumps like speed humps.


Damn, will they provide any discount ?