For the petrolheads


They didn’t charge us for the sensor mistake they made. They better not charge us for this as they should have fixed it. If they do my dad will probably drop hell on their heads. :joy:


Oh, dropping judgement days is the family trait of yours? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, my dad is just not someone who takes getting messed around with lightly. Because they are effectively wasting his time. He is a no BS type of person.


Eh, what? What person?


He’s somebody who doesn’t do much in the way of bullsh*t.


A week ago I’ve got the possibility to be a passenger in a Nissan Murano 2016. Comparing to our Murano 2011, I can say that the car is MUCH bigger now, both from the inside and the outside. It has a very … futuristic design which looks amazing. The problem is that Nissan tend to use such design in every car they make nowadays, so it might become too mainstream. Speaking of comfort: seats feeling different in that, plus there’s a ton of space for legs as the car base is longer (still comparing to other cars, in Nissan Murano I usually have to drop the seat back not to hit my head, in Quashkai… no comments , have to use the hatch :joy:). Very cool media system with nice basses and 3 wide and bright screens. Auto-following headlights(like when you turn right, they slowly turn right , so you can see the road better), a lot of different stuff like blind zones view, complete climate control, etc, etc. The engine is 3,5l, 249 hp. Speaking of modern crossovers, this is one of the most unusually looking ones


Why can Nissan never get the styling of the murano right?


? ahem


I’m saying Nissan make the murano consistently look terrible.


The 570GT is quite cool. :slight_smile:


This is what I saw today (in one of the cars at our parking place):


Oh wow that a hell of alot of air Fresheners just for one car


When you don’t wash neither your car nor yourself
Oh, and about design @the_termin8r… I’ve thought it’s terrible till I got to see the car myself… but if we speak about the most beautiful crossover/outlander, new KIA Mohave wins for me

Plis, if we speak about the best original and common design then KIA Soul wins… well, for me it looks kinda like a big Note but still


We had the 208 again yesterday and this morning. Got to ride in the back yesterday. Not too bad, except the floor was tilted forward which put my feet in an awkward position and the seats had no support. Also it was the first time in quite a while that I’ve seen manual windows (at least in the rear) in a car. Sitting behind my dad, leg room wasn’t too bad. Head room was ok.


I saw a Jensen interceptor the other day at the bus stop. I don’t know if it was an FF.


Nearby my school i often see a lot of Mersedes AMG series. Dunno why, probably because it’s close to the center of the city. well, much closer that the place i live in or the place my dad works at


Is it real or is it just a diesel with an AMG badge? We get tons of them here, BMWs with M badges too :joy:


Has anyone checked out the Mercedes AMG race car that was designed a few days ago? From what I’ve heard, they have just completed a race are and the LP car came 3rd!


Yeah I seen it on Instagram the car was so amazing beautiful.


In terms of GT3 cars, the slightly ageing 650 GT3s that McLaren runs would probably destroy the AMGs.