For the petrolheads


Have a look at this one. Partisan One was made by a German company for military needs. They say it’s desinged by a Russian engeneer. Actually the car doesn’t have any design and that what makes it a good military one - can be quite quickly assembled and easy to modificate

It has Fiat engine , diesel 2,8. I say it was desinged not even by LEGO - by MegaBlocks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: or , which is more like, design based on one of these old Solviet iron constructors


LOL , it looks like a greenhouse that was made out of Meccano. It doesn’t look very strong.




Yeah. I’ve seen this… old history texts…lool


Fine for Germany. Even the off-road in Germany is very flat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Take it around the green hell and see. Even the roads around the green hell. That thing will probably flip over.


They used to make such car in Top Gear:


Geoff / eagle i hammerhead thrust wasn’t an armoured car. It was an eco car to compete with the horrid g-wiz.


I mean, that partisan is a copy cat lol


The i eagle hammerhead thrust (I can’t remember the order of the words, and neither could they) was so bad that it was actually awesome.


So cool naver seen a Vehicle like this


Not sure if anyone can survive if this thing rolls over the roof. If it were military cars in this case, I’d go for Hammer. I think this partisan to fold with the heads of the people inside.


That’s because humvees are proper armoured vehicles.


Hammerhead I Eagle Thrust (yes, I know that order of words :grin:slight_smile:

And speaking of Top Gear, I hope the new season of The Grand Tour is more like the episodes of Top Gear. I liked Season 1 but it wasn’t the same.


Saw a DS3 Racing in Uxbridge today.


So cool that you see that


The DS3 is a relatively common car but the DS3 R had a limited production run. This is only the 3rd one I’ve seen since it came out some years ago.


I consider those F40 shot more valuable. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the F40 was definitely a sight to behold, I hate Ferraris but it was still quite a sight.


So McLaren released the Senna today. It’s supposedly their most savage road legal car ever. They’ve thrown things like comfort out of the window for the sake of making it as fast as possible around a track. As of now, performance specs are unknown, but it uses the same 4L V8 that the 720 uses except it now produces 789 BHP and 800 NM of torque; weight is 1200 KG which is bloody light (still not lighter than an F1 which was 1138 KG).

I’d just like to say one thing. This is one of the single most revolting looking cars I’ve ever had the displeasure of laying my eyes on. It looks like a RICEr went to town on a 720. HOWEVER, if it delivers on the savagery it promises, I don’t care about the way it looks because all of it is done for aerodynamics.