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Anybody heard of W Motors. Its an Arabian supercar company.
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Honestly it looks like McLaren and i looooove mclaren


Especially like the P1


Does anyone watch the Grand Tour here? If you do, what did you think of last Friday’s episode?


I hate WM’s cars. I watched the GT. Solid first ep.


Saw it myself, definitely enjoyed it, love how there not doing the Celebrity Brain Crash anymore and how there doing the Face Off instead, thought that was pretty good actually. :smiley:


Loved the Face Off and what do you think of it when it showed the aftermath of the crash with Richard?


Yeah Richard’s crash was pretty spectacular, it looked like he did it deliberately in a away, either that or he made a massive misjudgement, Jeremy and James seemed pretty concerned :laughing:


Well, when he crossed the line, he didn’t start to brake, which made me question if he did it deliberately or if he really mess up. The car also continued burning for 5 DAYS after the crash due to the batteries causing a chain reaction. Electric cars are good for saving fuels but really dangerous if they aren’t travelling at high speeds; you don’t know where they are as they are quiet so accidents could happen.


It was a customer’s car and the company aren’t replacing it so, no.

That’s a load of rubbish for the sake of TV. If it burned for 5 day, that entire village would be gone. It was probably less than 30 mins.

That’s not true either.


A deer sweater



Top fuel dragsters pump 10k BHP with no issue. Well, other than having to rebuild the engine after every single run.


Thought I’d run this by you guys, mustang 02 v6 just under 200k mi, either blown head or head gasket
Debating whether to fix/replace head or pulling engine and popping in one from junkyard and trying my luck
Any thoughts? Figure with resurfacing head/gaskets/time etc the engine might be even cheaper than putting in the work on the heads
Not even sure if y’all would have thoughts :sweat_smile:


Well if you want something to fiddle with as a project car then it might be interesting. But a V6 stang with 200k on the clock? Even if you get the engine sorted something else will go wrong. I personally wouldn’t go for it, seems a bit too risky for me. Your choice though.


Yeah well it’s sentimental in a way, been with me for nine years…
that’s exactly my thoughts though-putting in money for new heads etc just might be higher than another engine with it being so old
And as to it being a project, that’s pretty much what it’ll be soon-my bros planning to work on it as a senior project

Ps I’ve had more trouble with flippin German cars than with the fords I’ve had :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just had to put that little stamp of approval on the American one hehe


Oh you own it? I thought you were thinking of buying it. In that case I don’t see the harm in changing out parts.


Oh yeah no it’s mine, first car
Only debate I was having is whether going through the trouble of dismantling engine and having to get heads refinished etc ~$400 or pulling out whole engine and getting a used engine from parts puller ~$250 plus risk of getting a bad one which I could return and try another :expressionless:

:joy: if I were buying a project car it would be an older stang or a chevelle or along those lines-old school muscle and def not my pony 6 haha


That depends on how hands on you want to get. If you get a bad engine you’ll have more faffing about to do to take the bad one out and put another in.


Are you :100: sure it’s gasket?? I only ask because on the 98 caddy and 99 dodge dakota it was the line was plugged had to clean it really good. But every one swore on both it was a gasket but the resovor never bubbled it volcano ed