For the petrolheads


No yeah it’s definitely it, gas smell all under hood, bubbling in the radiator cap, burning a crap ton of fuel and plugs are wet


Aw that sucks!! Do you have the cash/ time for the rebuild…usually I’m big on original parts, but on the 91 GMC we got a puller engine and 7 years later it’s running like a champ… When in get out parts though we use one that have a warranty… Idk if you have those.


Then again on the 64 Bel air it has a nova engine note that I think about it…


Ahh :confused: time not at all, money I can manage :sweat_smile: these unexpected hits aren’t fun but you make do right?
And yeah I’m leaning toward pulling whole thing and replacing, less fuss and pick n pull is pretty decent about refund/exchange and there’s about 40 cars in a 50mi radius from me so I like my chances finding one
It’s not that horrible if I have to try a couple (knock on wood)


Ohhh nice looking car


Yeah we had to on the Pontiac, cruiser and Mazda…yes own to many


Yeah the Bel air is my baby… She’s classy


:joy: definitely, low and slooow
Makes me wanna put on the Low rider song hehe


Yes!!! Everyone keeps telling me to put hydros, because Espanola NM is the low-rider capital…but I don’t want butterfly wheel…erg


I’d be tempted too but isn’t it really expensive to put em in as well?


Yes, and then if you hit the button you most definitely have to fix axle, shock, bareing ect. Air bags are way nice and I can buy another car for this… Sheesh


Suspension tuning for the sake of looks is pretty stupid I think. Just leave it as is.


I’ll give you that low or wild stanced tuners are terrible, but low riders are more of an art form than performance, you just want to cruise in them with good music and good company

Amusing story about a tuner, I had to help one once at school because it was so idiotically low to the floor that it got the one way spikes at the entrance that’ll pop your tires stuck under it lol
Idk how long he had been there but he was burning out tryna force it to come undone but it just looked like a seesaw
We ended up jacking it up and having him knock the jack out from under once he could move lol


That sounds like a ricer not a tuner. Proper tuners know how to optimise suspension.


Hella rude, he was Asian but you don’t gotta call him ricer haha
Maybe a mix of both but he definitely had plenty of mods-got to see exhaust from headers back, brakes, the “suspension”, no idea under hood


LOL, a beginner then. How do you tune a car for regular use that can’t go over speed humps?


Yeah I’m more in to the classic low rider look … Not the small tire spoke look by the paint job , interior type of look… My Dakota we slammed and painted purple on low pro rims that’s my stopping point. I feel they are beautiful yet has function


I’m officially in fanboy mode again. McLaren have announced that the BP23 will have a higher top speed than the old F1. I’m seriously hoping McLaren are aiming to take out Bugatti with it, or at least go above 250 or 260 MPH.


Top speed: 244mph :stuck_out_tongue:


If that happens to be the case, I’m going to be so pissed off; I doubt they’d do something like that though. By their current standards we’ll see another god slayer McLaren in 2044.