For the petrolheads


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I find it hard to believe they’ll keep trying to push the limits that high up for years to come
I suppose it’s publicity if it’s the “fastest” but who the hell in their right mind will max it out
I like super cars they’re awesome but never gotten into them much because of the overkill lol I’ve always said if I owned anything I wanted it’d be a raptor truck :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the point of supercars, they’re idiotic, but they push the limits of engineering.


Ego stroking lol
I’m just messing, I get the thrill and competition in it
I’m more geared toward functionality I suppose haha
Speaking of, you ever buy linear actuators online or anywhere for your projects? I can’t find any small cheap ones


No I haven’t had a use for them. i only have some Lego ones :joy:. What sort of purpose do you need ones for?


I’m adding a light bar on my truck’s bumper and trying to be able to tilt it up/down from inside since they give you hell if you blind someone on the road lol
I was gonna use one behind it to get either top or bottom to swing in/out with a dpdt switch but either they’re ridiculously big and costly or they’re lego ones lol


Have you considered a servo? Or perhaps make your own actuator with a threaded rod and motor?


yaay this thread is back :tada:


Yeah servo was my first choice but space restrictions rules that out, the actuator has room anywhere I put it because it clears the bumper and mounts etc
I might end up having to if I want it i guess, just lazy to build it lol :stuck_out_tongue: nah actually getting one would just save time but we’ll see
I saw some 300lb max 12in actuators for $10 on ebay and I was like :crazy_face::thought_balloon: retractable side steps! Haha


Something seems off about the price, should they be that cheap?


Yeah all the others are $30-50each on eBay, these would be coming from china so idk how much that’d impact price on something like those
Amazons run like $70
I used to get iPhone screens from China in bulk (well 10) because they’d be like 20% the cost of getting one here and they’d be pretty good

I might try one just to see the quality-if they’re good then I’d do my little project


More news from McLaren, as well as releasing more information about the BP23 they also unveiled the Senna GTR at the Geneva motorshow. This will be a track only version of the already brutal Senna. They say that more details will be released later this year. But for now we know that it will share the same 4L twin trubo V8 as the Senna and 720, but will have an ungodly 825PS (813.71 BHP) and it is said to be similar in weight to the normal Senna which weighs 1198kg, so this will probably be lighter.

I didn’t like the styling of the Senna but I think this one looks insane.


That looks wicked! :heart:️:heart:️:open_mouth::open_mouth:

Also, I was watching the Top Gear episode where Richard was talking about his Vampire crash. I forgot how bad that crash was. Richard is lucky to be alive today, :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Oh yeah, it was brutal, if I recall correctly, his head dug into the ground at 288 MPH.


288mph when the tyre came off and around 230mph when the car hit the grass. But still pretty brutal!


The forces in deceleration that extreme are insane.


Agreed. I remember once at school during my physics class that someone thought it was a “good idea” to joke about Hammonds crash. A really bad thing to do. Me and three other people were basically shouting at this kids face to apologise about what he said. :heart:️:heart:️:joy::joy:


That’s a bit of an overreaction I think. The best ‘good idea’ I saw in high school physics was when a spanner shoved a paperclip between the live and neutral of an outlet. The bang was almighty.


Volga 21
All shiny polished and with nice lowrider style wheels


That actaully looks decent.