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classy! :+1: :smiley:


Took a ride in a friend’s 06 Corsa today, it’s as horrid as you’d expect, doors made of paper, lots of road noise, getting out of the back is a faff. Oh and if you’re in the back and go over a sharp speed hump you will be thrown out of the seat, quite literally. I got air-time multiple times today.


No wonder, it’s a Vauxhall Corsa. :joy::joy:


I’ve loathed the car for years, good to know my loathing is now justified. Though to its credit, it had a surprising amount of head room in the back, my head didn’t hit the roof when I got thrown out of the seat.


I somehow missed that record… :thinking: Would it begin to fly?? :dash:


On the contrary, at that speed the car actually weighs several tons due to downforce. 284MPH is an amazing feat. The only way the car would ‘fly’ is if somehow the aerodynamics were disturbed and the air flow picked the car up from below like you see in some LMP crashes.


Parking genius


In his defense, maybe his back door was broken and he didn’t want someone to steal anything from inside haha


Nah, it just wouldn’t close, so he had to get creative. :joy:


lol exactly the latch must be broken, @jabinquaken was precise, he’s a genius bahaha


This thing is looking like a portable weed laboratory.


I bet it’s meth. :stuck_out_tongue:



Imagine that pulling up beside you hehe
That alien carcass frame is pretty cool though


I want to see it in a police chase. :joy:


More news from McLaren, they’re releasing a new model called the 600LT, essentially it’s a 570S with more power, 96kg less weight and a longer body. So far there aren’t many (if any detials), but I’m assuming they’ll release them later on. I actually like the way this one looks, which isn’t typical of McLarens, they usually grow on me over time.


They all look so similar… why bother calling them different numbers? Could just add some letters.


Yeah, that’s the sports series, all derived from the 570S (the higher end cars have seen a bit of variation from one another recently). The numbers stand for horsepower in PS, as for the letters, I think they’re arbitrary for the most part (apart from LT for long tail and GT for grand tourer). From a business standpoint it’s better that they all look the same, becuase then it means that they have to make fewer unique parts. Also, if a design works as intended, it’s not really logical to change it for the sake of variety.


Or they just change the badge to charge more :man_shrugging:
5hp more! Add an S to the end! Now it costs a few k more :unamused:


What about Ferrari with the 599XX? Where it cost £1 million yet you couldn’t drive it on the road because it wasn’t road legal, you couldn’t even keep it in your garage because Ferrari wouldn’t let it leave their factory and you couldn’t sell it without their permission. The only thing you could do was tell them to bring it to a track, where you’d drive it for a couple of laps, and then they take it back.

For the idiots who bought one, they were offering a DRS spoiler for 200K extra!


Here, at 10:32 @framos1792

The whole vid is a good watch actually.